Spiritual Snobbery

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I wanted to write a short piece on being a spiritual snob.

Generally, I’ve never been a spiritual snob until last week and it taught me many things about it.

Spiritual snobbery is a bad thing to do and shows that you don’t respect yourself or others, it also shows that you simply do not respect your own journey and just take it all for granted.

It shows that you think you are better than everyone else, even though relatively speaking your spiritual advances are not that impressive.

It’s a very lowly thing to do.

It goes against one of the ten commandments of “Thou Shall Not Use Gods name in vein”.

Seek not to be a spiritual snob and like my article on the ten commandments, I feel it’s a good idea for all to do lines on the ten commandments and seek not to break them in life.

There are many ways that you can break the ten commandments in your life, and seek to meditate and really think on the ways in which you break them.