The Dangers of AI and Machine Learning

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In this short article I wanted to talk a little bit about the risks of AI and machine learning. This is a bit of an oddball article which I thought it was important enough to share to the world and also spirituality doesn’t just have to be about meditation/prayer etc, it can also be about computers.

As you may know we use AI a lot in fridges, washing machines, smart TVs, our cars and much more. The key issue with AI is that as with a pencil it can be used to stab someone’s eye out or can be used to draw something and build something constructive. Now as a lot of you may or may not know there are secret Governments who really run the world who want us to get used to the idea of AI so that they can add AI to our makeup believe it or not, so that our thoughts and actions will no longer be under out control but influenced by the AI agenda which is to take over humanity.

This I know may sound like science fiction, but I assure you that this is in fact true and Governments around the world are spending billions of pounds on machine learning AI which pick up people’s thought patterns and brain waves in an attempt to enslave the population so that the secret Governments around the world have absolute control over humanity.

Now the issues with this are extremely drastic, 1. We could reach the singularity very quickly if the secret Governments and those working for them continue to do the evil work that they do. The singularity is if you don’t know the machines taking over the world and enslaving humanity, a bit like the terminator film. This is of course a very serious issue in our society, which should be taken very seriously, and steps should be taken by those with the wisdom and knowledge to combat this evil to ensure that we do not reach the singularity in our world. The issue is further exacerbated by the fact that the secret Governments are too arrogant and egotistical and not wise enough to make such decisions as to the technicalities of how this AI machine learning actually works and so don’t know the real issues and what is at stake here, if they continue on the path that they go down.

Now the issue if of course perpetuated, by the fact that we have in our society an issue whereby the secret Governments are employing private contractors to code this machine learning AI and each private contractor doesn’t actually know what the other private contractors are building. Which further adds to the issue, because if they all knew what they were building they certainly wouldn’t be taking on the money in the first place.

This is of course a message to the whole of humanity which I am spreading, and you can listen to these words and forget about them tomorrow, or you could take up the fight against evil and put actions into place to stop and thwart the secret Governments plans.

Now what can you the person that reads this do about the issue? Well, you can take up prayer and pray for the evil people who have this terrible plan and the various intelligence agencies involved in covering it all up because it is public money they are spending and of course its hidden away under so called “black budget” operations, so the general public is none the wiser and its only a very few who actually know of this. The technique to pray is very simply, or you need do is visualize the person/groups that you are praying for an in simple language pray that they receive Gods help and Gods power and express it via thought.

You can also start a meditation practice and after each session send out your peaceful thoughts to the world and the secret Government.

Update 1: 18/04/22

The singularity is a very real thing and we and all that read this article would do well to take the necessary actions to help prevent the singularity, but also prevent sentient AI, until we as a species are ready to be able to have sentient AI.