Fake Spirituality

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I wanted to talk a little about ‘fake spirituality’ which is something I have been a victim of for various points in my life. I define fake spirituality is spirituality which isn’t true to yourself. As the Buddha once said, “see the truth in my words for yourself”. So essentially what it can mean is that you don’t see the truth for yourself, but act like you see the truth. Also, a side note I see the truth in various things – but fail to accept it. Which is something that I don’t fully understand.

Another point I wanted to add is that people identify with being ‘spiritual’… what does that even mean? There is nothing wrong with that, but I think it hinders your ability to make actual spiritual progress because with identifying as being spiritual it could encourage you to share this with others and so ‘virtue signal’ – which isn’t right because the spiritual path should be trod in secret.

Another thing which I think is important to ensuring that you don’t practice ‘fake spirituality’ is to become more like a child, feel free to read my article on this Here another thing which I think is important to not practicing ‘fake spirituality’ is to offer your service to the world through a job which doesn’t harm others (i.e gun seller in America) but also to meditate/pray and also to not lie to yourself.

A key aspect of it is also to take the saw dust out of your own eyes before you go around helping others in their ways, feel free to give my article on this Here, because you should help yourself before you go around helping others. Everyone is far from perfect and so everyone should work on themselves because everyone has flaws in some way – this could be personality flaws, bad habits, flaws picked up from others in their lives etc.

Lastly just do things which are true to yourself and don’t feel the need to follow the crowd at all. Especially if you feel that the crowd is wrong in what they do. Do things true to yourself, and not others. Only you can decide what it means to be [your name]. Nobody can decide that for you. Only you.