The Great White Brotherhood

This group according to their website:

“The Great White Brotherhood is a vast collect of people who all, once, had an Earthly incarnation, have now passed into the spiritual realms and who work actively and never ceasing to assist humanity incarnate to come to terms with and to deal with the difficulties and travails of their individual and collective incarnations.” They go onto say that “The Great White Brotherhood was formed some thousands of years ago by the progenitors, a group of people who first realised that it would be possible to assist people incarnate.”

Their offical website is linked below:

Do feel free to check out their lessons, books and videos – they share information on various topics; from the Apollo 11 missions, Gravity, the illusion of space/time, junk dna, The Men in Black, Déjà vu and much much more all completely free for you to study.

I personally have had several experiences with this group that have validated their authenticity to me. Their authenticity can also be attested to from the information they reveal to the world through their lessons, books and videos which if you are open-minded enough will confirm their authenticity that they are in fact who they say they are and are indeed here to share spiritual information to us on earth. Their books are also coherent and should be enough to validate their reliability and authenticity if you do so read them.

However, I find most people generally are not open-minded enough to believe this group’s authenticity and deny this group out of ignorance. But I’m not writing this post to persuade people that this group is the real deal.

Update August 2023

Sadly Bob Sanders, the person that channelled their messages has passed as of August 2023, meaning that there is nobody to channel their messages as of right now. They may find someone else to take the role, but until that happens we will have to make do with the mass of information Bob Sanders was able to provide us.

Last Updated 17/02/2024