Service to Others

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Service to others.

Helping others.

Service to others is a sacrafice to God.

As such it is deserving of Godly rewards.

The harder and greater the service towards others the greater the rewards received from God.

Play hard, work hard.

However, its important to play hard and work hard, but as an “spiritual athelete”, its vital and critical to rest hard.

Its a marathon not a sprint when it comes to becoming a “spiritual athelete”.

Athelete’s themselves have injuries, they take breaks, they retire and pursue other interests.

Like being an athelete you do not suddenly become like Messie or Ronaldo in a day or two.

These are the best of the best footballers.

As such they deserve their injury time and they deserve their rest, such that they are able to perfome at their level.

I’m not saying I’m “Messi” of Spirituality at all.

But, service is imporant in making progress towards God.

As important as meditation and prayer.

Even if that service is rewarded financially, you still receive rewards from God.

Therefore, seek to meditate in secret, seek to pray in secret, seek to serve others in secret so that God rewards in secret.

But just know to take breaks from self improvement and spirituality at times.

Myself, perhaps a break in self improvement, but it remains to be seen…

You also serve yourself from time to time as this is rewarded as equally.