The Perfect Person

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Perfect Person

The Perfect Person.

Is there such a thing?


Star signs are a thing that everyone on earth has within them and incorporated as part of their personality.

However, currently it is uncommon, but it is possible for those that are very spiritual to incorporate more than a single persoanlity type within them.

For example an Aries may incorporate a virgo personality type if he does so choose to through years of practice of meditation, prayer and service.

Something I’ve discovered recently is it doesn’t matter which order a spiritual guru/master/chala/Buddha does this.

However, in my own words, I believe it wise for those that wish to undertake such a journey to do it in 4 stages on earth if they do so wish to become a perfect person.

The fire signs should be done first, if that is your first personality, then earth, water and air signs.

This way it helps to navigate the course of this journey.

But this is no easy feat to do such a thing.

It takes many many years of devotion of spiritual practices to achieve such a thing of becoming a perfect person on earth.

This person would be understanding of all people because they are able to understand all personality types.

It would also achieve a gestalt the moment the 12 signs come together in this person and the person would be a very powerful person.

Abilities far reaching those like Yoda or Hulk…

Even Jesus himself is not a perfect person.

That perfect person would be able to move planets, able to move mountains, able to move literally anything he did so will.

It is also possible to have an entire life plan to achieve such a perfect person if any of you that read this do so choose.

It would literally be heaven on earth if we were to see within our lifetimes a perfect person on earth.

So far it has never happened in the history of man.

This person would be powerful beyond measure.

When a single person is able after decades of meditation/prayer and service to incorporate all 12 signs of the zodiac into himself a thing known as a gestalt occurs and he becomes a new person understanding of all people.

If anyone even wishes to consider taking up a lifeplan then please do show this in action by taking up regular meditation sessions of just 15 minutes a day, refer to my article on the subject I wrote on how to do this safely, regular prayer and regular service.

This life plan carefuly selected by the wisest of the wise is not for the faint of heart, even incorporated just one more at the wrong time and you can be traumatised beyong measure, luckily this isn’t in your life plan and your guides would never allow such a thing to occur while incarnate.

I would also recommend studying the subject of the personalities from infomration online about the star signs, related to your own and seeking to understand what the faults are of your personality and why they are faults and how these traits affect you in your everyday life.

This information is very uncommong modern day. You are the lucky blessed few who have found this blog and come across such wise and new infomration on the topic.

Please head this with respect and dignity as this is no easy feat for anyone on earth to accomplish.