Spirituality is Not Linear

2 minute read

I wanted to write a little bit about this notion that spirituality isn’t a linear path. This is something I’ve realized relatively recently, and I wish to share this spiritual truth with the world. I also have added a little on God and goodness.

People can sometimes think of spirituality as a linear path – in that you go from level 1, then to level 2 and then to level 3 and so on. But spirituality is oft times not a linear path, for me at least I have found that spirituality can sometimes be a little of level 4, a little of level 1000, a little of level 9, lots of level 42 etc. Point being is that the spiritual path is not linear. I have found in my journey I can see truth in xyz, but then somehow, I don’t remember this truth perhaps and go on as if I don’t see truth in xyz, which is quite strange, but there is perhaps something deeper within me that knows that truth, but its perhaps not brought on the surface. Its like I am stuck at a very low level, say level 4 and can’t move past it for some strange reason.

I also just want to share in this article that God cares for each and every one of us and these depictions of him in the Bible as a tyrannical figure who is merciless is simply not true. God would never harm us in any way shape or form and genuinely wants good thing for absolutely everyone, even the worst kinds of sinners. One thing that perhaps evil people, or people that follow the left-hand path or actively work for the detriment of man is that those “friends” or people they do evil with, you really think they have your back? They are not your friends, and they would just as easily do evil and bad things for you as they would someone else. Equally anyone following evil need to realize that a price must be paid one day for their bad deeds and like God simply doesn’t want that for you. The side of good and the side of God genuinely wants good things for absolutely everyone, no discrimination at all.

Which is why its so important to if you genuinely want good things to pray for such and perhaps to take up meditation. Don’t take what I say on any article as a given, put into practice what I say in this and other articles and you may perhaps be surprised by the results you get.

Update 1 21/01/2024

Something I realized recently is that on the topic of this spirituality not being a linear path is that you should perhaps go back to lower levels first and improve your lower levels first.

For example if you are level 6, level 100, level 278, then the correct thing for you to do is to not progress further with level 278, but to simply go back to level 6 and work on improving your lower levels of spiritual development.