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What is Money?

When you get to the very basics of it.

Its simply resource allocation.

Using a simple number.

In someone elses database.

People think they want money.

But what does money really being?

If you want anything in this world you can simply pray for it.

People want to possess the latest gadgets, the latest smartphones, they want a big mansion, they want to control the masses.

But what does this really bring?

Its simply not ownership having these things.

Thieves can break in and steal all your possessions.

Spiritual teachers can free the masses.

You dont truely own anything in this world or the next.

My general advice is so stack up the treasures you will receive in heaven because there will be no thieves or bank robbers stealing your hard hearned things.

Some people sell their souls for such a minor thing such as money.

Some people would literally trade in their own existence if it meant receiving a number in someone else’s database.

Update 1 06/03/2024

I wanted to add here that money isn’t simply a number.

Put simply money is a means of allocating resources.

Who has a big number of money is able to allocate a lot of resources to others.

Not good for the majority is that some of the people with all the money are the bad people in the world.

Therefore I strongly encourage all that wish to see a better world to meditate, pray and give your service for a better world.

You think that the world you see is all creation has to offer?

On earth we only see the coal mine in terms of the beauty in God’s Kingdom.

Therefore seek to meditate, pray and serve not just for yourself, but for future generations to come.

As Jesus once put it in the New Testament; “You can not serve both God and Money”.