What Happens When We Die?

1 minute read

In this short and to the point article I wanted to write a little on what happens to us when we die.

As some of you may know, we are not this physical body.

God does not limit himself to the five senses, there is a much bigger world out there.

We come here just the once and the myth of reincarnation is simply not true.

We all actually came from heaven, and this is our true home, but we all volunteered to come here to learn about God and agreed to have our memory wiped before coming to earth.

When we die for whatever reason, normally we will go down the so called “tunnel of light” which transports us to heaven.

Once in heaven we are given sometime to acclimatize ourselves to it and then given what is known as a “Life Review” whereby we see all our actions from the moment of our birth to the very end of our life in an instant.

We see all the good things we did in life and all the bad things we did in life. If we did bad things, we have a chance to atone for what we did and pay back the remorse and forgive ourselves for the bad things we did.

If we do this and pay back the remorse and forgive ourselves, then we increase our vibration and we are then drawn to a more beautiful part of heaven.

What many don’t understand is that heaven is divided by vibration and the evil people are kept apart from the good people.

But there are more and more beautiful places in heaven as you go up and so its important for you to seek to do good in this life because it will help you to receive a better place in heaven when your time comes.

Our journey continues in heaven and God grants us EVERLASTING LIFE.