True Spirituality

1 minute read

Something that I’ve considered of late is that I’m drawn to people that have this… Mentality.

I was really inspired by the story of Elon Musk, he literally built multiple companies from scratch, he built, PayPal or what was known as x, he built Tesla from literally nothing, he built an entire space exploration company from literally nothing.

But it wasn’t what he built that inspired me, it was his mentality and level of thinking.

I felt his mentality and level of thinking was, “I don’t care what others are doing… I don’t care if they are addicted to social media, addicted to harmful substances, do harmful things to others or themselves. I literally do not care at all what others are doing.”

“I am going to do my own thing, regardless of what others are doing and follow my own agenda”.

I see truth that this level of thinking and mentality is very Godly.

Put simply True Spirituality is about you.

its not about the cat down the road, its not about following others agendas or creating agendas just to combat others agendas, its not about harming others because your doing it for them, they mean so much to you… that you literally feel the need to harm them in some way, is this really doing it for yourself?

Focus on yourself, improve yourself but do it for you… don’t do it because of others.

It’s about “The Self”, that is what True Spirituality is about.