My First and Last Article on The issue of Gender

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This is about a 4100-word article on the subject of gender and is one of the longest articles I have written so far on this very small and modest blog. I may also update or amend this article at a later date. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure if I actually wanted to share this article because I feel that I will likely get attacked and maybe even doxed for the views I hold in this article. But I feel that it better to die with your ideas and views out there and known than to be silent on issues you have ideas and opinions on.


I have absolutely nothing against transgender people and I am in no way shape or form transphobic. I believe that anyone who feels the gender they were born as isn’t the gender they believe in their heart to be correct, then that person should have the right to be the gender they want to be. If anything, I say in this article comes across as transphobic then that is not my intention – as I say again, I have nothing at all against trans or gay people. My intention in this article is simply to share my own views, ideas, and opinions on the issue of gender and I have no intention at all to offend or make anyone upset at what I say in this article.

I also feel I inevitably can’t please everyone with the views and ideas that I share in this article, because if I share transphobic views then people will attack me for holding those views and if I share the views I hold in this article that all people should be free to be whatever gender they wish to be and in their hearts is correct for them, then transphobic people may decide to attack me and harass me for holding those views. Sharing your views and ideas on this issue [and perhaps other politicised issues] has become a dangerous affair in this day and age we live in.

Debate on the issue has become so focussed on attacking the person and not the ideas

I feel that debate on the issue has become a clown show on who can attack who the most and debate on actual ideas has become so consumed with hate from people with differing views to each other. Personally, I feel that attacking the person and not their ideas is low and illustrates that they have nothing to counter the ideas with. I have written an article on this issue of Attacking the person and not the ideas which you can read on this blog. However, I realize when re-reading this that perhaps transphobic people are the group who are more vocal with their beliefs and that perhaps they are the group who are the issue when it comes to attacking the person and not the ideas – not the people who hold positive views on gender.

I feel that there is a lot of “us vs them” mentality on the issue of not just gender, but literally everything that cause speople to be divided such as religion, pollical beliefs, gender, race, age etc. In general I feel that anything that divides people is by nature evil because we are all one and the same and we would do well to realize and appreciate that when we harm another or attack them, we are in fact harming and attacking ourselves – hence why it is so important to be kind and respect everyone and follow the golden rule of “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”.

This is going to be my first and last article on the issue of gender because I feel that the whole issue has become so polluted, so over saturated and I don’t want to add too much to the mass of information on the subject. Also I informed a relative that I was making an article on my ideas on gender and they said that I should be prepared to be doxed (which is where all your personal information, such as home address, phone number, name, date of birth etc is published online for all to see), while I don’t want to be doxed, I still feel that my ideas on the subject should be heard. I also realize that if you are for trans people transphobic people may attack you for your views, while if you are transphobic then you may still get attacked for your views for having that view. There is no winning in this whole debate, and I feel its dangerous to even share your own view on the subject.

The very fact that my relative even mentioned that I should be prepared to be doxed because of writing an article on the issue of gender (without even sharing my ideas to them) illustrates that the whole issue has become dangerous for the average person to talk about. What does this say about our society that its actually dangerous for me to share my own views and ideas on a very popular issue?

What I think is quite sad as well is that a lot of intelligent people do not share their own ideas or opinions on the issue of gender because they know that if they do, they are likely to be attacked and harassed. I feel like it doesn’t matter what your ideas actually are on the subject, just talking about the issue alone is enough to make people attack you. I think it’s quite sad that so many people decide not to talk on the issue because they are concerned this will cause them to be attacked and harassed.

I have had this blog since 2020 and have not spoken on the subject of gender at all because I know it is a big risk and that people may feel strongly about what I say on the subject, so it simply isn’t worth the risk. I feel that if I am genuinely doxed in writing this article it will prove my point that when people are faced with ideas or views that they can’t intellectually counter, then they will resort to attacking the person and the character – not the ideas presented. I also feel that people may still call be transphobic simply for writing about the subject even though my ideas and opinions on the issue of gender is very far from transphobic.

What’s more, I feel that there are so many people online that talk about not just this issue, but many other political and religious issues who feel they are so righteous and correct in their ideas and opinions and will simply refuse to listen or hear out any contradicting ideas and opinions. I personally feel that the correct approach to debate is to go into it having an open mind and be willing to change your opinions and views if the ideas presented in the debate are superior to your current ideas and views on the subject matter. Don’t go into an argument with the mentality of “I need to win the debate with my current ideas and opinions and will refuse to listen to other people’s ideas, no matter how reasonable they are and will defend my position with my life and attack others who have differing ideas to me”. You should drop your ego and arrogance and go into a debate with an open mind trying to see reason in whatever arguments are presented and choose your side based on how reasonable and powerful the arguments actually are.

Should someone that is cisgender have the right to talk on gender?

The argument that because I am a cisgender white straight male, I shouldn’t say anything on the topic of gender or I don’t have the right to talk on the subject, is in my view a weak one. Just because I don’t’ have firsthand experience in transitioning to a different gender I was born as, doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything valuable to say on the topic. Also, this issue still affects me because there is so much focus in our society on the issue of gender and it’s become so politicised that it’s very difficult for me to not come across the issue of gender. To add to this, I myself have my own gender – male, so to say that the issue of gender doesn’t affect me because I am cisgender is ignorant of the fact that everyone has a gender (including me), therefore everyone has a right to talk on the subject of gender.

With that said it goes without saying that being a cisgender white straight male I will never understand and I don’t pretend in this article to know what it’s actually like to go through a gender transition and the issues that come with it. I am not in any way in this article or any others on this blog pretending at all that I know the fine details of what its actually like to go through a gender transition. I am simply sharing my own ideas on the subject.

What’s more as far as I am aware the democratic freedom of “free speech” is still a precedent in the society that we find ourselves in. So, I have as much right as the next person to share my ideas on the subject of gender. Granted there may be some that disagree with the ideas I present in this and in other articles I share, and it is their right also of “free speech” which allows them to share their disagreement with what I say and share a different opinion on the subject. Although “freedom of speech” is far from perfect because it allows people with dangerous views to voice their opinions and ideas, which perhaps society doesn’t need.

In summary, just because something doesn’t affect me personally doesn’t mean that I can’t have and share my own ideas and opinions on the subject. With that said, take this article the ideas and opinions as coming from a cisgender white straight male.

Anyway, let’s get into this article.

The first point I wish to make here in this article is that it is my view, the whole issue of gender and identity has been blown way out of proportion. This issue is a talking point in so many debates, has become normalised in a lot of media such as films and TV shows and I feel like this is such a big talking point for such a small issue. If you actually look and analyse how many people are transgender or identify as a gender that they were not born as you will find that such people are the vast minority. In one study it was found that when asked the question “is the gender you identify with the same sex as your registered birth” 0.5% of people asked said no and 93.5% said yes. You can find the statistics linked here. Why is it that such a vast minority of people are so over represented and that the issue of gender that apparently only affects 0.5% of the UK population is so widely talking about and discussed in the media? Perhaps there is some kind of agenda at play designed to overpromote the issue of gender for some nefarious purpose?

I mean only 0.5% of people… Yet there is so much energy, so much debate on this issue when it literally only affects such a vast minority of people. Do you really think it right for a society to focus so heavily on issues which affect the vast minority of people, or would it make more sense for society to focus on the issues that affect the vast majority? I leave you the reader to answer this question yourself. I feel as if there is so much push by media to discuss the issue for no good reason. I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be some focus on minority issue, but my conjecture is that the issue of gender is so overpromoted in our society for no good reason.

Another point I wish to make in this article is on the whole issue of using the correct pronouns for someone who is trans. What I really cannot wrap my head around is how someone can actually get offended when someone calls them by their wrong pronouns by mistake or because they didn’t know their correct pronouns. It’s a genuine mistake and it shouldn’t be seen as an attack on your identity and whatever gender you identify as. Of course, I feel if someone is deliberately calling someone by the wrong pronouns then that person is probably in the wrong. But for a trans person to get offended when someone calls them by their incorrect pronouns, either by mistake or because they didn’t know, is I feel is their problem - not the person that called them by the wrong pronouns. Would I get offended if someone called me a wrong name by mistake or because I didn’t tell them my name? (granted perhaps it’s not a fair comparison) - I would simply correct them and move on, I wouldn’t fixate on it and attack the person for calling me by a wrong name (no I’m not saying all trans people attack someone when using wrong pronouns, but I feel I have seen this).

Furthermore, I also want to talk about the whole issue of “how many genders are there”. I feel there is a distinction between the gender you identify as and your sex. Sex is your physical characterises you were born with, i.e. male parts, female parts, or intersex parts. While gender identity is the gender that you identify as such as trans, male, female, nonbinary etc. The point I wish to make in this article is that if gender is an identity that you relate to and not your sex then in theory there must be infinite genders because you can identify as literally anything. You can identify as a zebra for example, identify as an armchair whatever. if gender identity is just that an identity that you give yourself and you yourself make up what your identity is, then surely there must be infinite gender identities because they are infinite ways you can identify yourself.

What’s more, the whole issue of advertising your pronouns is I feel unnecessary because as I said previously the vast minority (0.5%) said they identify as a gender that they were not born as. So, you are making the rest of us who are cisgender (same gender we are born as) advertise our pronouns when it is likely clear from our name what our pronouns are. I have nothing against people sharing their pronouns, but I feel that making it mandatory for everyone to share their pronouns is just ridiculous because this issue only affects a vast minority of people. Although with that said I think that there are only a few places I’ve seen make it mandatory to share your pronouns.

Moreover, I want to include here in what I believe to be the correct approach to trans people. Trans people believe it or not, are no different to cisgender people except they have decided to change the gender they identify as and as such are worthy of the same kind of things that cisgender people are such as love, affection, compassion etc. I feel that we as a society should accept such people who choose to be a different gender than what they were born as. Personally, I believe such people to be extremely brave and courageous to decide to identify as a different gender than what they were born as, and I have admiration and respect for such people because I do appreciate that going through such a thing simply isn’t an easy thing. Equally, I feel that people who are homosexual should be accepted and treated no different from heterosexual people.

I feel we as a society shouldn’t have hate towards trans people or any group for that matter - hate simply isn’t the answer. I also feel that we as a society shouldn’t over promote this issue because there are perhaps bigger issues that affect the majority of us that should perhaps be at the forefront of debate. No, I’m not saying remove all debate on the issue, but simply arguing there are greater issues at hand that need more discussion and discourse than the issue of gender which affects the vast minority, literally only 0.5% of people.

I also want to share here what I think should be the general approach to people that are genuinely transphobic or the approach for anyone that is against others because of their sex, age, size, race, gender etc. I feel that you cannot attack hate with more hate, or in other words you cannot and should not harm people who are actually transphobic, what kind of a message does that send to others if everyone who is transphobic are spat at and attacked? I feel that attacking others because they have differing views to yourself is such a lowly thing to do and if it were up to me I would ban accounts online that are attacking others and spreading excessive amounts of hate. I feel that the approach that should be taken for transphobic people is either simply to ignore them and turn the other cheek so to speak as Jesus once taught, or to try and educate such people and really make them see that you really are not that much different to them. Otherwise, if you cannot ignore them or educate them and if you really want to help them, then you could pray for such people in simple terms that their discriminatory beliefs be reduced and that the power of God be sent to the person them.

With all this said I also want to say here that I feel the disproportionate amount of trans people in film/TV shows and media in general is causing the average person (me included) to feel that cisgender people are actually a minority and for me to feel as if being a white straight male is actually perhaps a rare thing in this day and age, especially when there is so much positive discrimination (discrimination which favours minority groups). I feel that to overpromote the issue by casting so many trans people in films and TV shows is doing nothing to actually fix the issue and change the public image on such people.

I also just want to add here that often the news will share stories of trans people dying by transphobic hands which gives a false image that trans people are really hated and that there are so many transphobic people in society. I feel this simply isn’t true and I feel that any deaths involving trans people caused by someone transphobic gets a disproportionate amount of attention in the media. If the person wasn’t trans and died at the hands of a transphobe, it wouldn’t be in the news. I feel like every trans person that dies by another’s hands gets a whole news story on it and causes people to believe the issue is bigger than it actually is. With this said, perhaps I am wrong, and the issue of transphobia is massive – I don’t really know, I tend to block and ignore anyone that is spreading hate or attacking others for no good reason other than having differing views. Perhaps unrelated, but I feel that the news does over promote certain types of news stories which causes many people to believe that certain issues are bigger than they actually are.

Lastly, I ask the reader to attempt to answer the question of “is the issue of trans people organic?” I feel that the whole issue of gender and sexuality is pushed onto young people especially in such a way that makes them believe it normal to experiment with sexuality and experiment with changing gender, when the reality of it is; these issues are for the minority of people and I feel that even if the issue wasn’t over promoted and talked about that “nature would take its course” and people who feel they are a different gender will naturally decide to transition and people who feel they are homosexual will naturally gravitate towards the same sex. Equally people that feel they are the correct gender will not decide to transition and their sexual attraction will naturally gravitate towards the opposite gender. I also feel that young people should be educated on this, but my conjecture is that this issue shouldn’t be as promoted as it currently is in media and films and would perhaps go as far to say that the over promotion of this issue is agenda driven and evil because nature will inevitably take its course even if young people are not educated about this issue. Or good point to note is that even before the issue of gender and homosexuality was so overpromoted in media, there were still a number of people engaging in these things, which suggests that we don’t need to have the issue so heavily promoted because people will naturally gravitate towards the gender and sexuality they believe to be correct.

To over promote this issue is to perhaps brainwash young people or people in general into thinking that changing gender and homosexuality is more normal than keeping to the gender you were born with and heterosexuality and that becoming a different gender or coming out as homosexual is to be celebrated and applauded more so than if you were cisgender and straight. Do I as a straight white male get applauded and appraised for being straight and keeping with the gender I was born with? No, so then why do trans and gay people, when we all do what we believe in our hearts to be correct get so much applause and appraise? It’s almost as if there is some kind of agenda at play in the world to promote the issue of gender and homosexuality [perhaps to harm young people who are not naturally trans or gay to experiment with such things].

In conclusion, I feel that everyone should have a right to be whatever gender or sexuality they feel in their hearts to be correct. I feel that we shouldn’t attack people who are genuinely transphobic, but we should ignore such people and turn the other check or seek to educate and perhaps pray for such people. The overpromotion of the issue of gender and homosexuality is being so disproportionately represented in media such as the news, films, tv shows etc that it leaves the average reasonable person to conclude that there is a deeper agenda at play with the whole issue and that it is perhaps overpromoted in an attempt to harm young people by encouraging them to experiment with changing gender and homosexuality. We don’t need these issues promoted because people will naturally gravitate towards the gender and sexuality, they feel to be correct. Also, I would like to add here that if it were the other way around and that heterosexuality and being cisgender were applauded and appraised as much as being trans or gay then I for one want to say that I wouldn’t want this because I do what is completely normal and natural to me – it’s not like I achieved something I worked hard at. Again, I want to make it clear that I am in no transphobic. Please don’t dox me internet.

Update 1:

In reading this back perhaps it’s actually transphobic people who I should actually be concerned about doxing me - not the folks who believe that people should have the right to be whatever gender they wish to be. To transphobic people or anyone that discriminates against others I ask why do you care so much about such people so as to be against them? Why do they matter so much that you are willing to do lowly things such as attack and harass such people? Surely you have better things to do with your time than to spread hate on social media. Personally, I believe that discrimination against things that people have no control over, such as sexuality, gender, age, race to be wrong. Although, I feel that some discrimination can be a good thing such discrimination against people who hold extremist views because such things I feel wouldn’t be good or healthy for society.

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