Modern Media as a Form of Control and Quitting YouTube

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I want to speak a little bit about my addiction to YouTube, my experiences since quitting YouTube and talk a little bit about media in this current day and age. This is going to be a continuation of my other article on “Stop consuming content and start creating it” Linked Here. Just a brief background – I’ve been consuming YouTube content since I was about 12 and I am now in my twenties. I’ve been consuming all sorts of content on YouTube since I was 12 from alien videos on Secureteam’s YouTube channel to the Sidemen which if you don’t know is a group of 7 UK YouTuber’s who create various videos such as Tinder in real life, £100 vs £10,000 holiday videos and 1 Sidemen vs 20 women.

Since that article I made on stop consuming content and start creating content I realized that social media sites especially YouTube have been specifically designed to keep you on the platform for as long as possible to maximize the ad revenue they get from you. YouTube’s recommended algorithm is so powerful that I, among the 2.1 billion monthly users have spent countless hours mindlessly consuming video after video of click baity thumbnails. The recommended algorithm of YouTube is just so effective at getting you to stay on the platform consuming videos. I would go so far as to say that YouTube and these other social media platforms are a form of mind control because it encourages you to spend hours after hours on their platform consuming content that offers no real benefit to your life but keeping you in a constant state of distraction. Which limits your ability to think for yourself.

I’ve awoken to the fact that it’s not just social media that has been designed to suck your time and keep you distracted, but that most modern media and video games are designed to keep you in a constant state of distraction. Video games companies now spend several years developing a game, carefully crafting the design, story, online multiplayer etc with the basic aim of encouraging you to spend as much time as possible immersing yourself in the video game to keep you in a constant state of distraction. Games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, Fifa etc. All with a massive multiplayer theme have been designed to be as addictive as possible in order for the game developers to profit at your expense.

However, I would argue that to an extent modern games and media can be a great opportunity to relax from a hard day’s work and there is nothing wrong with this so long as you don’t spend excessive amounts of time doing this, but that you maximize the benefit of the game or media you are using to relax and de-stress you without spending large number of hours consuming. When I mention media and video games here generally, I’m referring to spending large amounts of time immersed in consuming this. The hour a day you spend playing your favorite game on your PS5 I’m not really referring to.

Furthermore, modern day movies nowadays are so easy to consume with the rise of online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, HBO Max where you can binge watch tv shows and movies spending hundreds of hours of your time immersed in the plot of a movie. What’s more these platforms also come with their own algorithms designed to give you recommended movies based on the movies that you have previously watched. All specifically designed to get you to consume for as long as possible with the ultimate goal of keeping you in a constant state of distraction. I even go so far as to say that the news has just become another form of distraction with articles that are designed to inflame the emotions to keep you reading the article for as long as possible to maximize the news’s revenue.

Of course, I only touch upon YouTube because I’m not on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok etc. But the same applies for these platforms as well because they have all been specifically designed to keep you on there for as long as possible to maximize their ad revenue. But also, the sheer number of people that are on these platforms each day being subtly manipulated into consuming the content on the platform is astronomical with Facebook alone having over 2 billion daily users. It really makes you think to what extent are these social media platforms really benefiting humanity.

Whether the creators of this modern media realize it or not, all modern media nowadays has become specifically designed to get you to consume it for as long as possible with the ultimate goal of keeping you in a state of distraction. Then the question comes why keep us all in a state of constant distraction? The answer is that we are a lot easier to control if we are all distracted with the latest videos on TikTok than if we all had a lot more time to think about who is really ruling us and what their real intentions and agendas are and how we can put a stop to it.

Now of course I’m not the only person that has come to this realization, there have been others before me and no doubt there will be others after me who realize these things. Jordan Maxwell in his famous book “Matrix of Power How the World Has Been Controlled by Powerful People Without Your Knowledge” published in 2000 argued that the world has become so rife with entertainment, mass media, game shows, drugs, alcohol etc. Which he argued has been designed to keep the human mind distracted and entertained so that you don’t get in the way of important people by doing too much thinking.

It has also been mentioned in the book “The Path of Mankind” by The Great White Brotherhood which on page 21 on talking about the real rulers of the world the psychopaths:

“With this group, fear is their dominant motive and controls most of their actions. They are constantly on the lookout for any force, any action, by any person or group that could attack them and reduce their control.
So they take whatever actions they can to prevent anything from happening that could affect them in any way.
This fear of attack manifests itself in many ways. They ban people from demonstrating for peace if they can. They fill the leisure moments of many people with various entertainments; sport, TV, cinema and so on that keeps the people from thinking. They fill the entertainment areas with as much violence as they can in the desire to keep the public in a state of negativity so that the actions of the leaders are not far removed from the actions portrayed in so called entertainment.
Thus there is much importance placed on sports; boxing, football, rugby, swimming, running and all the various athletic sports, all designed to be competitive and all designed to keep people in fear in case their sportsman, their team, fails to win. The television is full of films of violence and programs of the harmful things going on in the world, all designed to generate fear.
The financial situation is designed to create fear in case there is not sufficient money earned to survive. All this has been carefully designed for two reasons:
To promote fear which is Archonic in nature.
To make the public as much like the leaders as possible so that they do not see what the leaders are doing as the thoughts of the public are similar to the thoughts of the psychopaths that are in power.”

In summary, the real leaders of the world are in constant fear and actively promote entertainment to keep people from doing too much thinking so that they are much easier to control and have engineered media in such a way that places a high importance on primitive things such as sport to keep us in a constant state of distraction to keep us from doing any thinking and makes us easier to control. Have you ever wondered why sport has such a high importance in today’s day and age? Well now you know, it’s been designed to keep you distracted – to keep your mind entertained so that it stops you from doing too much thinking, making you a lot easier to control.

As a result of these realizations, I’ve decided to stop watching YouTube altogether and limit the amount of time I spend immersed in a movie or playing a video game because generally I see these activities as a hindrance to free thought. That’s not to say I’m going to stop watching media altogether, but that I’m going to aim to spend less time being caught up in the latest show on Netflix or spending less time playing my favorite video game because yes these things have been designed to hinder your freedom by distracting you and preventing you from doing too much thinking, but that’s not to say they don’t offer any benefit because I find playing video games a great method of de-stressing after a long day at work. But its just important to realize and see these things as they really are – a means of distracting you and making you easier to control, hence don’t get overly attached to a game or a movie that comes out or spend too much time on these things.

What’s more, I have stopped watching YouTube for about a week now and wanted to offer some of the things I’ve noticed since quitting YouTube. The first thing I noticed is that generally when I feel any amount of boredom, I will open YouTube and just allow the recommendation algorithm to control what I watch, but since I quit YouTube, I found that I am just bored sometimes when not doing anything in particular. So instead of filing the times when I’m bored with YouTube, I will just experience boredom and I guess this is something that a lot of people struggle with and I would argue that a lot of people when they are bored spend time on social media on their phone or at their computer watching YouTube. I guess quitting YouTube has given me the freedom to be bored and I think it’s something very natural to experience.

In conclusion, quitting YouTube has awoken me to the fact that media is just a means of distraction designed to prevent you from doing too much thinking which makes you easier to control. But media can offer some benefits if used correctly, for example if you played a video game after work as a means of de-stressing yourself or watch a movie over the weekend as a means of de-stressing yourself. Quitting YouTube has taught me that yeah media is a form of mind control, but that if used correctly minimizing the time you spend consuming can offer some mental health benefits. But the general advice is don’t become too attached to modern day media and don’t become too attached to sports because the importance placed on sports in media is just a means of hindering your ability to think freely and encourages you to be in a state of fear in case your favorite team doesn’t win. In summary be more mindful of your use of media, especially social media which has been specifically designed to keep you on it for as long as possible and seek to spend your free time on more meaningful activities to you such as reading, art, language learning, blogging etc.