Learning From Mistakes

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A big part of growth is learning from mistakes. Mistakes are apart of growth and everyone experiences their own mistakes. Its OK to make mistakes. We are human after all. But what is important is learning from the mistakes and ensuring that the same mistakes don’t happen again.

Another word for mistake or somewhat similar is failure. You should know that failure and success are not absolute. But failures and mistakes are key to growth, without them you would stagnate and not grow as a person.

Therefore, its important to not be let down by your failures and mistakes. Refer to my article on Self-Forgiveness which does relate to this because forgiveness is apart of failures and mistakes. Also, don’t be let down if others give you a hard time for your mistakes/failures. We are human and sooner or later they will make a mistake/failure also.

In conclusion, don’t avoid failure and mistakes. Learn to see them as just learning curves in life. But don’t beat yourself up for making them, it accomplishes nothing and only brings you down. The important thing is that you learn and grow from your failures and mistakes. God bless