Being Vegetarian

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Being Vegan.

Its important for those on their spiritual journey to eventually remove meat, dairy, fish and honey from their diet.


Animals are sentient creatures.

They are part of Gods kingdom.

What do we do in the masses?


This is wrong.

Dairy, comes from animals as well.

We exploit animals for what benefit?

We can just as easily eat vegetables, fruit, nuts, bread.

This is more than enough to ensure the health of the human body.

Update 1 21/04/2024

Don’t become vegan simply because of this article I write and you make me out to be some kind of spiritual guru who’s going to save the world.

Become vegetarian for a month and set a challenge for yourself with this and see how you feel about it.

I don’t know the exact figure but I wager 98% of humanity on earth eats meat on a regular basis.

I am not expecting you to go from 20 years of meat eating to suddenly becoming vegan simply because you read my article.

I am simply making the case in this article that we don’t need meat to survive and the spiritual order is such that eating plants causes less suffering in the world because the animal was slaughtered against its will filled with terror and fear and this negative energy clings to the meat you consume and makes you feel in this way.

Yes becoming vegetarian is more expensive, but its becoming more and more accepted around the world and their are so many meat subsitutes nowadays.

You don’t need to justify to a meat eater your choice as to why you choose to be vegetarian, leave their souls sleeping still and ignore such people that brand you as “weak” or “pathetic” for choosing not to eat meat of my personal favourite “less of a man” for choosing not to eat meat.

Use your own judgement and become vegetarian/vegan in your own time when in your heart you believe its the right course of action.

If you are unsure about this, please do continue to eat meat and dairy products.

I personally have had a very strange and unusual relationship with my diet for years now.

Part of me is vegan in heart and another part of me thinks I’m missing out when not eating meat and fish.

I recently eat meat and fish and I somewhat concluded that there is no need for me to consume such things because I’m eating something that was slaughtered and died and I’m eating its remains and whats left of that sentient creature… Gods creature.

God does not and would never intend for any animal to die before its time.

God has a plan for everything in his creation, every human, every animal, every plant, every minieral all has a plan set in motion by God, even planet earth has a plan set fourth by God.

Killing animals and consuming their remains goes against Gods plan for that animal.

Alhtough it is excusable by the fact that the 98% of people are ignorant of what they are actually consuming are sentient creatures with a conciousness and emotions.

In summary, eat what you want, but I encourage all who are on their spiritual journeys to consider eating less meat and becoming vegetarian to help reduce the suffering in the world, because animals make up the world and for each animal that is killed against its time, more suffering is brought on planet earth.

And look I’m one guy, it takes individiual action to help planet earth.

I know a lot about spirituality and all, but its up to you who read this and are blessed to have discovered this blog to put into action what I teach here today. Please DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF THINKING THAT I CAN SOLVE ALL THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS… I SIMPLY AM NOT THAT KIND OF GUY!

God Bless