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There is a motive in every action taken.

A really good habit I have recently gotten into is assessing my motives for why I take actions by being more mindful of my actions. My actions are being assessed by myself always and so I understand myself a bit better, which allows me to be better.

People who are asleep so to speak just take actions as they see fit and don’t ever evaluate why they take those actions. Therefore, they are not awake in a spiritual sense. Believe me if people got into the habit of assessing their motives for actions, the world would be a better place for us all as it would allow people to remove negative destructive habits.

I will end by saying that there is a motive for every action, and many don’t assess their motives and so unconsciously have a lot of habits and behaviours which are unhealthy and detrimental to themselves or those around them. Of course, I still have some behaviours which I’m slowly but surely learning to get rid of, I’m far from perfect and so are many others in this world.

Bottom line: assess your motives behind your actions and then you can begin to change and be a better more developed individual.