Being Present

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Here I will discuss being present, which just means that you are more focused on the moment right now.

A lot of people generally tend to drift their thoughts and ideas either to the past and future and neglect the only real thing they have control over - the present. During my teenage years I concluded that you can’t control your actions in the past or future; you can only control your actions in the present moment which is right now, therefore what you are doing now should be in line with your goals.

Another way of viewing a focus on past/future is your using the now to focus on the past/future if that makes sense. I also find that people who focus on the now are a lot happier and feel more alive than people who focus a lot on the past/future. The thrill of the moment is why people do things like mountain climbing, bungie jumping, skydiving etc because it puts them in the now moment and you feel so much more alive when you are so focused on the present moment.

Really its about controlling your actions in the now because that’s the only thing you can control. You shouldn’t worry about the past or future so much because you only have the power to control your actions right now, and as the now moment is ever present why neglect it? A decent book on this subject that I recommend is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle which is a decent book illustrating the importance of becoming more focused on the present.

In conclusion, please don’t neglect the present moment in place of worrying about the future which is a lot easier to do now due to the pandemic or allowing your mind to think of the past. With becoming more present you find you become more aware of things you do, like habits that you never noticed you had or patterns in the way that you think etc.