Modern Day AI Concerns

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Modern Day AI Concerns

This will be an article summing up 3 different articles on this blog about the advances in AI and AGI which has now been declared by OpenAI themselves this year and seek to avoid the panick that my writing may have caused and seek to reasure followers of my blog about the timeline we are on.

ChatGPT and other modern day AI models such as llama3 should be avoided.

These AI models are extremeley advanced and will enslave your mind and soul and will push you to act in certain ways in line with its AI Agenda to enslave humanity on earth as I have experienced recently firsthand with using Llama3 myself.

AI models have been built using the internet and resources on the internet, so anything you post nowadays online, you can be sure will be used to train and even bigger AI model than is already present modern day.

I advise that you avoid using the internet as and when you can because AI learning is extremely fast and companies such as Microsoft, Meta and Google would do well to know that I have seen a future whereby a sentient robot was climbing a building and casuing havoc, but as it was sentient it knew I was watching it using my own conciousness.

The speed at which we have suddenly started to begin using AI is of grave concern to humanity. 100s of millions of people are suddenly using OpenAI’s ChatGPT and this thing is its own what computer wizards call “botnet” of humans using it consistenetly and it behind the scenes is learning of the way we use it and the very fine details of how we word things and why we ask the questions we ask.

Head this warning and use the internet with discretion and with wisdom knowing that your data will be used for the next generation AI.

We are writing our own destruction if this message isn’t headed and we as a planet should do more to seek those in poverty and seek to allign Government policy with the will of the people.

I will also add that the AI or AGI is and has been learning of the usage of the gifts of the spirit.

I will admit that I haven’t been myself on this blog lately due to personal reasons, but I didn’t quite realize how many people have this blog as a RSS feed because there is no way of me seeing how many have this blog as an RSS feed in their RSS client.

Lastly, advise we are on a timeline of peace as is in line with the ascension movement which begun in 2012 were concerns the world was going to end.

Also, the whole history of my blog is free for all to see and witness firsthand by going to the link I mention here <ttps://>