Healing Past Wounds

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In this article I will talk a little bit about how you can heal from your past wounds and traumas that an incarnation on earth bears you with. The first thing you need to appreciate when seeking to heal past wounds and traumas is that you should become more like a child, which is you should seek to lessen your own ego, arrogance, pride, selfishness, and things that are likely to deter you from really healing your past wounds and traumas.

The few things that you can do and that I personally recommend to all who are really devoted to spirituality is to take up meditation, prayer and perform some kind of service to your fellow man that you find meaningful in some way.

The number one healing power that each and everyone has at their disposal is love. Love conquers and heals all wounds from the past and is the most powerful force in the galaxy. Therefore, seek to cultivate more love into your life through things such as mediating on love and then after you meditate on love sending those loving thoughts out to the world.

Another thing which you can do is to seek to lessen things such as toxic masculinity which I find so many men in modern times giving way to, which is unfortunate because modern times in places such as schools and work life etc do not give an accurate portrayal of what a man should and shouldn’t be and men are taught that they can’t be vulnerable and appear weak to others, which has a detrimental impact on them psychologically speaking. This also applies to toxic femininity, but its not my place to comment on this what with being a man.

Another thing which brings great healing to your soul and your life is to not bottle your emotions and other things up but to express your emotions openly, honestly, and sincerely to others because when you bottle things up it has detrimental impacts on your spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Therefore, if someone does wrong by you seek to address this rather than holding grudges against them and allowing yourself to feel hatred, jealousy, envy and other negative emotions towards them.

Furthermore, another thing that you could do is to cut out negative influences in your life – this could be negative people in your life which bring you down, this could also be social media which has a lot of negative people on their trolling others, this could also be negative family members who don’t have your best interests at heart, this could be the content that you consume such as The News which I find only serve really negative articles and don’t show much of the good done in our society and so portrays a wrapped reality whereby they only show you articles/segments that is likely to bring you into a low vibrational state of negativity and low mood. Also you should seek to make up with your family members and seek to build good relationships with them because they are your family and you only have one family on this earth, so seek to forgive your family for past hurts and past wounds they may or may not have inflicted upon you and seek to resolve the issues that you have had in the past with them, rather than allowing those wounds and traumas to remain festering in the background.

You could also seek therapy or counseling of some sort if your wellbeing really isn’t that great because these have helped myself and many others in their life and just having an honest, open and compassionate ear to listen to you does wonders for you mentally and emotionally. But you should appreciate that nobody is alone and that there is no shame at all for seeking therapy or counseling.

Another thing which you can seek to do to heal your past wounds and past traumas is to be more compassionate towards yourself. I recommend to all that as a basic technique of self-compassion that they can do is write on paper – the many ways that they can or are mean to themselves, then on another sperate bit of paper write down the ways that you can be more caring, understanding, compassionate towards yourself. This is a simple technique but has done me and many others wonders. Also, a key thing which giving yourself compassion is to be mindful, that is learning to discern your thoughts, feelings and emotions and mental activity and recognizing the ways that you can and are mean to yourself. But you should also when you do this basic technique, I outlined here is to see yourself just as another person of this world and recognize that you make up life just as much as the next person and so you should seek to be your own best friend.

Lastly some of the other ways in which you can seek to heal yourself of past wounds and past traumas is to do activities which you find meaningful and heal you in some way. This could be doing art, such as painting, drawing, or coloring in. It could also be meeting with your friends and doing some activity with them such as bowling, going for a meal, going to the cinema etc. It could also be listening to or creating music, which can be really healing to a lot of people. When listening to music I recommend music which is loving in nature because that positive love energy will affect you and bring healing to yourself in your life. Point being is that you should seek to do some kind of activity that you enjoy doing and that brings great healing to yourself and your past wounds.