The Ten Commandments

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I wanted to write this short piece on the ten commandments, which if adhered to and really understood are enough to carry you into the arms of God. If you don’t know the ten commandments are “you shall have no other Gods before me”, “you shall not make for yourself an idol”, “you shall not take the name of God in vain”, “Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy”, “honor your father and mother”, “you shall not kill”, “you shall not commit adultery”, “you shall not steal”, “you shall not lie”, “you shall not covet” (yearn to possess something).

One thing that needs to be understood with the ten commandments I believe are that people often take the ten commandments literally, for example thou shall not steal, often people interpret it as meaning you shouldn’t take others personal items for yourself.

Therefore, when adhering to the ten commandments, seek to really meditate and spend some time understanding each of them and their implications and how to apply them into your life. I also recommend to all that they recite the 10 commandments by hand and do lines with them and put efforts to contemplate in which ways they break the 10 commandments.

In conclusion, I don’t want to give too many of my own interpretations regarding the ten commandments because it takes away from your own interpretations and really my points are just suggestions in how you may interpret the ten commandments. With each of the ten commandments really try to understand each of them and look for the implications in them, seek to meditate and start a journal to help to understand yourself better and understand how it is you break some of the 10 commandments. We are all far from perfect and as such it is bound that in our lives, we break the ten commandments somehow because if we were able to apply each of the ten commandments to our lives, we would be at Gods side already. But we are all far from perfect on earth and even the great masters such as Buddha, Jesus, Moses etc were not perfect.