The Law of Mutual Attraction

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Reuploaded to blog on 17/02/2024

The Law of Mutual Attraction is a univerisal law which quite simply means that like attracts like. A basic example is your own thoughts that you put out to the world you receive in return, so if you are having lots of negative thoughts, then the world will respond to that by attracting you to people of a similar nature in terms of people whom think like you, whereas if you are more positive, then the world will seem like a much brighter and better place. I feel we need more people in the world who are more optimistic about their circumstances and people whom are positive in nature and have good attitudes towards things because what you put out to the world - you receive in return. Feel free to also give my article on why giving to others is of vital importance Giving To Others

Nowadays the Law of Mutual Attraction is well known from places like YouTube Twitter etc, but that doesn’t take away the truth from this universal law. So the world will pick up on your own thoughts and send you back what you put in so to speak. But this law doesn’t just apply for your thoughts - it applies to everything in your life the people that you see in your life are a result of this universal Law of Mutual Attraction, when you change yourself you will be drawn to people who are similar to you in terms of the changes that you’ve made to yourself.

In a way its similar to karma - what goes around comes around. What you put out to the world is what you receive in return. I used to sulk all the time, because of something personal then the world will send me things to sulk about. But its not the way to go about getting what you want in life ever. People should strive to be loving to one another, strive to be happy and let go of the past, which I feel is a source of a lot of hurt for most people.