Prayer for Peace

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Prayer for Peace.

In this short article I will discuss a little why its so important to pray for peace.

Peace is a concept that not many people quite appreciate enough, we nowadays have a lot of military factions always striving for war, but not many people appreciate what they have including myself. I personally have never been victim to war in my lifetime and is something I am very much grateful for.

I also feel like, not enough people quite appreciate peace enough. Or concepts such as love for that matter.

I know many people that may read this article don’t normally pray, but I think it is important to all that practice or want to practice spirituality to take up things such as prayer and meditation and have it be taking up as part of daily life.

Therefore, I advise all who read this message to only take up prayer and meditation if it is what you want to do. Don’t do so because I write it in this article, do so because you want to and want to make a difference in the world.

Update 1:

Seek to make praying for peace a part of your daily routine and perhaps a short pray for peace before you go to sleep is something that you can do. The rewards for big for doing Gods work by praying, serving others by helping others and meditating on God.