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Self-Image is something which isn’t understood by most people. Self-Image is the way in which you view yourself. Its who you think you and what you represent.

It took me a long time to realize this, but many people (myself included) have a wrong self-image of themselves. They see themselves as one way, but really act in ways contrary to how they see themselves. An example is someone who sees themselves as a good person, but really have these negative behaviors that they don’t identify with. But choose to actively ignore when they do these negative behaviors so they can hold on to this image they hold of themselves. But the worst part of this is they are unconscious of the fact that this is even happening in their life and so are not equipped to resolve this issue.

How can you resolve a problem you are unable to recognise?

Self-image also massively ties into another article I wrote on Self-Acceptance because the reason that behavior contrary to your self-image is ignored is because you’re unable to accept the person you are. Therefore, you hold onto this self-image you have of yourself because it justifies negative behavior that you do, because you say to yourself “Its ok for me to do these bad things because deep down I’m a good person”. If switched the other way to “Its ok for me to do these good things because deep down I’m a bad person” shows some hypocrisy whichever way you look at it. Point being is that you lose touch with who you really are because you can’t accept the person you have become, because its out of touch with who you really are.

Change begins by recognising the problem

If you ignore the problem, it won’t go away. You may think it does, but it doesn’t. It will just be piled on top of all the other problems you’ve chosen to ignore. Until it builds up and builds up, and then there is a crash with all the problems you’ve chosen to hide from yourself. To prevent this from happening force yourself to solve your problems one by one until the pile lessens, only then can you improve.

Therefore, its important to get an accurate self-image of yourself, force yourself to stop hiding behaviors contrary to your self-image from yourself, so that you can seek to remove yourself of behaviors which are pulling you down and become the person you are destined to be, not the person you have become. It will not be easy, go in with the attitude that it will be difficult, the rewards you will receive are high. You have my word on that.

Finally, the only person that can make you change is yourself! As much as others can try to change you, the only person that has authority over if you change or not is yourself. Change comes from within. I wish you good luck on your journey and a Merry Christmas!

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