Rushing Spirituality

2 minute read


I realized that one thing that is holding me back a lot now that I am starting to see some results with my spiritual advances, I feel the need to rush spirituality for more gains because I have been in the dark for so long now and given way to a lot of negative thoughts and been quite depressed and just felt so lost. But now that I am starting to see some results with spirituality, I am willing to learn lot about myself a lot more because I can see that there are indeed significant gains.

But one thing that I learned during my rush for spirituality is that it can damage yourself significantly if you are not careful, and so my advice would be to practice spirituality in your own time and at your own pace, but also to work alongside your guides/angels who have your best interests at heart. Some people progress faster than others, while others progress slowly. But you shouldn’t judge how fast/slow someone progresses in their spirituality because it’s not a contest or a race, I guess one of the reasons I feel the need to rush in spirituality is because of fear of suffering and I realize that this is in part due to me not realizing the nature of suffering and that following the Buddha’s noble eightfold path is indeed the way out of suffering, because the Buddha is one of the great masters of this world.

But also, the fact that I suffer from mental health difficulties is in part one of the reasons why I rush, because I worry too much about how others judge me, in part because I don’t accept that I have mental health difficulties because I’m too egotistical, arrogant, prideful to accept that I do have mental health difficulties. I feel like ego does get in the way sometimes, but I don’t often recognize it. Ego also affects my ability to trust other people, because I can be antisocial when I choose to be which does make me quite lonely and I feel a lot of people suffer from this similar thing.

One thing that I realize also is it should be about the journey that is of importance. I know it’s a little cliche, but that is true. But I don’t quite see that or accept it as truth hence why I’ve been rushing spirituality out of fear of losing out on something (suffering).

In conclusion, go at your own pace in spirituality and only practice spirituality if you do want to develop. You don’t have to practice spirituality if you don’t choose to and also its important to take breaks with spirituality when you feel the need to. But the gains that can be made are big.