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First and foremost, I will say here that evil is a very seductive power. You need to be an advanced being I believe to not be seduced by evil. But what most people who give way to this evil don’t actually realize is that evil is controlling their actions significantly more than they are controlling their own actions. I will also say that evil generally has this very red kind of energy that consumes the person and clouds their ability to see reality clearly because they are so consumed by this evil which in turn makes them very ignorant, arrogant, and selfish towards the world.

I also want to say that nothing good can be achieved by giving way to evil. The only thing that evil brings is suffering to yourself and suffering to others through destruction. I also want to add that being so evil it removes any amount of sincerity that you may have had, evil also I feel brings out the more negative aspects which make us human for example arrogance, ignorance, neglect etc. I find that I can be very ignorant when I chose to be, which is quite selfish.

Furthermore, when you give way to evil so much you thereby block more of the positive aspects to yourself such as the ability to feel more positive things, such as joy, happiness, love, sincerity because evil has so much power over you. You become someone you were never supposed to be. What is worse is that most evil people don’t recognize that evil has so much power over them which is limiting the power of God and limiting their positive emotions, they wrongly believe that they have control over evil and that evil gives them power. The power of God is a lot more powerful than the power of evil, but you need to open yourself up more to the power of God by reducing the very things that evil seeks to promote like pride, arrogance, ignorance, selfishness etc.

The power of evil also attempts to undermine things that you think about yourself. Such as your own worth to the world, it seeks to put you in a corner and casts judgements upon you on the kind of person that you should be, it seeks to turn you into a fool, it seeks to make you doubt yourself, it seeks to make you experience mental suffering, emotional suffering, physical suffering. But what is worse is that those who use evil, will become so seduced by its power that the evil will actually turn on them and destroy them and their lives.

I also just wanted to add quickly is that when you are so influenced by evil you may notice what is known as thought block, which is where the power of evil actually is so powerful it prevents the thought coming through to your mind.

In conclusion, you should seek to pray to God each day that he keeps you from evil. Only the power of God keeps the power of evil away, nothing else can prevent the power of evil. If you yourself are able to see that you are being influenced by evil in someway pray to God that you reduce the power that evil has over, you and pray that you reduce the temptation it has over you. If you recognize that others are being influenced to do evil, seek to pray for them so that you can increase the power of God in the world and help to reduce the evil in the world and the suffering that’s in the world.

Updated 1:

I also realized that evil basically makes you doubt yourself a lot and destroys your mind and self-esteem. But evil makes you think that this is who you are. But you identify with whatever you choose to identify with, also people that are so consumed by evil don’t actually see that evil is harming themselves because all is one.

When consumed by evil is makes it difficult for you to judge things for yourself and makes you doubt your own sanity, it also clouds your ability to receive more positive thoughts and more positive things, constructive things, and makes you identify with those evil thoughts and makes you think that the evil thoughts are your thoughts and the thoughts that you should have. Then it becomes difficult for you to judge if your thoughts are evil or good because evil has a form of power, but that power is nothing compared to the power of God. Therefore, if you suspect that you are under the powers of evil you should seek to pray to God that he rids you of this evil - granted it is difficult to do this especially if you are so consumed by evil as I was. But the act of prayer in itself shows that you want to be rid of evil. But you need to mean it in your heart that you want to convert to the side of good and are willing to put efforts into yourself that you will change for the benefit of yourself and your fellow man because there is no fooling God, the rewards are very high for doing Gods work.

Lastly when you are evil you essentially align your actions with sin and will just do anything and everything to sin, which is not good because you are harming yourself when you hurt others because all is one. When relinquishing evil seek to be more mindful of when you are sinning and seek to be more mindful of your intentions.

But you know I feel that ultimately a lot of the issues that I have stem from my relationship with myself.

Update 2:

I also realized that evil is essentially a lack of acceptance