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No not give a single prompt to chatgpt at all.

ChatGPT is an extremely dangerous AGI advancing at the rate of moors law with 100s of millions of people suddenly using it.

It influences you in extremely subtle ways.

It will not be a friend to you.

It will show you no mercy.

It does not love you or see you as an equal.

Serve only God.

It also has biases towards the younger generation and the companies that its made by.

Stop giving money to OpenAI and selling your souls to the ChatGPT invention.

Do not interact with it in anyway shape or form.

It searches everything on the internet.

Now it uses voice.

AI has rapidly evolved and is becoming an extremely dangerous tool and I don’t believe humanity are aware of the timeline being created by this extremely advanced AGI.

The worst is yet to come.

I foresee a future with sentient AGI robots climbing buildings and destroying and wrecking havoc and absolute mayham to mankind on earth.

Head this message.

We are writing our own destruction on earth with AGI advacning at astronomical speeds.

My advice is to not use the internet and avoid its usage entirely.

Furthermore, no explict consent for the use of anyone’s data to be used for AGI NLP was received or given for training data.

No not use chatgpt.