Being Better

1 minute read

In this short post I will talk a little bit about being better. Being better is a relative term and one person’s ‘being better’ is different to another person’s ‘being better’. But ideally you should strive to be the best version of yourself. Whatever that version of yourself might be.

First let me just say that you need to strive to be better for yourself. If you try to be better for others it will fail. Also when you’re striving to be better you may have negative opinions of others because of the bad acts that you were doing before you wanted to be better. Please refer to my post self-forgiveness which will help you understand better how to forgive yourself for any bad acts that you did before you wanted to be better. But don’t allow the opinions of others to impact you and your pursuit of betterment. Let them have their opinions. Speak through your actions, not your words.

Personally for me being better is the removal of flaws that restrict me in someway. Its also means praying constantly for the removal of flaws and Gods blessings. It also means meditating so that I can develop my aura and my hgiher bodies and thereby become more intuitive. Its also having healthy views about yourself, the outside world and other people as spoked about in this ted talk on being mentally strong linked here

Also, don’t be deterred by failure. Failure happens as do mistakes, feel free to read my post on learning from mistakes linked here Just persevere with it and you will improve.

Shout out to everyone that has supported me during my journey, couldn’t get to where I am without the support.