Taking a Break From Spirituality

1 minute read


I will outline why its so important to take a break from spirutality, especially in times when you feel you have had enough.

The spirutal journey should be trod carefully and in good time. Most of the time people who are on their spiritual journey feel that they are doing God a disservice when they take a break from spirutality and spirutal work. But they should recognize that it is of their own choosing and God has patience with all his subjects because all roads lead to rome (so to speak). So don’t feel that you are doing God an injustice when you take a break from spirutality because the path should be trod as and when one chooses, but also in good time, so don’t feel the need to constantly push yourself to practice spirituality and let Gods angels guide you to be able to take a break from spirutality in a way that isn’t detrimental to your wellbeing, your mental health and your physical health.

Also when you take a break from spirutality you shouldn’t feel guilty about doing so and you should let your guides and your angels know of your decision to take a break from spirutality and it is of course your right to do so and you shouldn’t feel that you are letting God down in doing so because God gives all his subjects the right to tread the path as and when they choose, but also lets his subjects choose themselves as and when they should take a break from spirutality.