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In this short post I will talk a little bit about faults or flaws. Quite simply a fault or flaw is something that isn’t perfect or is hindering you in some way.

Working on your flaws is in my opinion a fundamental aspect of following the spiritual life.

We all have flaws every one of us, we may have flaws which affect us to a great extent.

Everybody has different flaws; no two people will have the same flaws. We have personality flaws, social flaws, flaws with our thought processes, flaws with our beliefs.

In every aspect of life there are flaws.

But what is important is to identify flaws as best as you can.

As the Lao Tzu says in Tao Te Ching

“When you identify a fault as a fault, can you no longer be with that fault”

All this is quote is saying is that you first need to be able to identify a fault before you can seek to remove it.

The means to remove a fault is fairly simple.

All you do is send out a prayer by visualzing said fault

Then throughout your day anytime you notice that fault occurring you do your best to reject the fault.

Over time this fault will lessen its impact on you as you constantly keep rejecting it and will gradually fade away from your makeup.

One thing that I noticed is that when you remove one fault, that fault was caused by another fault, and then that fault was also caused by another fault you had and so you just have this chain of faults until you get and master the very basics.