Welcome to my very small blog on the internet. I live in the UK. I maintain this blog here partly for my own personal development and spiritual journey and also to help others along the way. If you disagree with any of the articles feel free to send me an email with your thoughts. This blog is hosted completely free using jeykll minimal mistakes theme and gitlab.

In this Blog You’ll find articles on the following topics:

  • Wellbeing
  • Spirituality
  • Self-Improvement
  • Anything else I deem important enough to share with the world

Also a side note that the articles on this blog are not very long in length because I like to keep it quick and to the point and avoid ‘filler’ as much as possible, which is what I see a lot of articles I read do.

Awesome Subjects :mag:

  • Buddhism (Desire is the cause of suffering)
  • Psychology _(Teleology - All human behaviour stems from a goal) _
  • Spirituality (I can be better, therefore I will strive to be)
  • Economics (The fed be printing money for days!)
  • Taoism (“When you identify a flaw as a flaw, you no longer be with that flaw”)

I find that all subjects are linked together. Really it comes down to how you define the information in a subject. For example Buddhism a religion or philosophy whichever way you wish to view it links strongly with Psychology. Then that links with economics because of how people trade etc, etc. Point being is that all subjects are intertwined in some way.

Best Videos on Youtube :tv:

Can you beat the System? - Inspirational nomad

The Philosophy of Kreia: A Critical Examination of Star Wars - esfelectra

Modern Educayshun - Neel Kolhatkar

How people view you - SNEAKO

Joe Rogan Experience #1309 - Naval Ravikant

Joe Rogan Experience #1278 - Kevin Hart

Two Easily Remembered Questions That Silence Negative Thoughts Anthony Metivier TEDxDocklands

The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong Amy Morin TEDxOcala

Cool Quotes :speech_balloon:

“I am but a mirror whose only real purpose is to show you what your own eyes do not see” ~ Kreia
“Be the person that you want to be in life” ~ Me
“Greater in battle than the man who would conquer a thousand-thousand men, is he who would conquer just one - himself” ~ Buddha
“Peace begins when the expectation ends” ~ Buddha
“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” ~ Lao Tzu
“Be the change that you want to see in the world” ~ Ghandi
“Pray for thy enemies” ~ Jesus Christ
“None of us live in an objective world, but instead in a subjective world that we ourselves have given meaning to. The world you see is different from the one I see, and it’s impossible to share your world with anoyne else” ~ The Courage to be Disliked
“Your worst enemy can not harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded. But once mastered, no on can help you as much, not even your mother or Father” ~ Buddha
“The greatest warrior is the one that wins without fighting” ~ Lao Tzu
“The greatest teacher failure is” ~ Yoda

How this blog is hosted Completely Free :heavy_dollar_sign:

This blog is hosted using gitlab pages and Jekyll using the Minimal Mistakes theme which allows me to host this blog completely free. I chose gitlab to host this blog because gitlab is more open source than github which is completly closed sourced. Personally I find it quite ironic that a website that hosts so much open source code isn’t itself open source, its a bit like writing a book on the importance of giving to others, and yet turning a profit for said book.

Refer to my article on how to setup a blog like this yourself for free using Linux linked here

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