When You See Wrong do Two Goods Elsewhere

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I wanted to write about why it’s so important for people to do two goods in the world or elsewhere for that matter when they see bad or wrongdoing.

The world would be a much brighter place and we the public would be much happier the people in charge did follow this.

It really about bringing God’s kingdom upon earth because earth should be a place which is God’s kingdom and not the kingdom of chaos, destruction, corruption, liars, manipulators, thieves, hateful, hurtful people because that’s not what God’s kingdom should be.

God’s kingdom should be a place of love, compassion, kindness, peace, order, beauty, joy, forgiveness, generosity, righteousness, holiness, gratitude and people who are faithful servants to him. This I think is a really good principal to follow in life.

Some examples of seeing wrongdoing may be when someone lies to you, when someone deceives you, when someone hurts you, when someone makes you think you are confused when you are not. You shouldn’t take revenge on these people because they do not know where they go, you should follow Jesus’s teachings of turning the other cheek when it comes to people that do wrong onto you and seek to follow this basic principle that I have laid out here in this article.

Some examples of good that you can do in the world is donating to charities, giving to others (and you can refer to my article on this topic), serving God through your job, helping others in some way through things like Forums etc.

Of course this principal shouldn’t be taken to an extreme, but just taken in balance and go by what you feel is right while being true to yourself.

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