When Someone Does Wrong To You

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In this article I will be talking about when someone does wrong to you and how you should respond to that or if you do wrong to yourself and how you should deal with that. This is a touchy subject for me because I have caused myself many wrongs in my life and not been as true to myself as I should be and sought depth to myself because I never really accepted myself and who I truly am.

I will first talk about when others do wrong to you. You should first seek to understand why they have done wrong to you and appreciate that two wrongs don’t make a right no matter how hard you try. Or in other words generally you don’t fight fire with fire, then you should be loving towards the person that did wrong by you because they didn’t truly know the wrong that they did and what impact that had on you and the rest of the world. Once you understand and love that person, you then forgive them for what they did to you and then turn the other check in what they did and don’t think too much on it. This is a fundamental principal that all should seek to live by. So it should be a process of understanding => loving => forgiving => turning the other cheek.

Furthermore, I will talk about when you do wrong to yourself – which is for me a much, much harder one to do because its yourself and you should love nobody no less. But the same principal should be applied in that you should first seek to understand the person (yourself) that committed that wrong against yourself, once you understand why that wrong was committed to you then love that person (yourself), you then forgive yourself for the wrong that you did to yourself. And then turn the other check and move on and don’t dwell on negative thoughts towards yourself because it doesn’t achieve anything and just causes further harm to the world and yourself.

For me it’s been difficulty because I haven’t been very kind towards myself or as loving as I should have been and so have all these terrible habits and behaviors which just betray me, and the world and it has made me very upset inside and annoyed and frustrated at myself for all the times I’ve betrayed myself. But I should appreciate that it simply isn’t my fault, and I am blameless in the things I’ve done to myself and the times I’ve hurt others at my own expense because I just betray myself and the world.

In conclusion, the hardest part about understanding => loving => forgiving => turning the other cheek, is turning the other cheek. This is the hardest part because people just want others to blame for their own suffering and their own egos with things like pride, arrogance, selfishness sometimes evilness can get in the way a lot of time in following this process. But it’s important to consider that what one human is capable of we are all capable of – even someone like Jesus who can perform miracles and even the most abject sinners in the world. What one human is capable of we are all capable of. Therefore, it’s important to realize and accept that you are not better than anyone else because you don’t give way to evil or lustful thoughts or are better than others because you yourself don’t commit the same sins, or better than others for your own advancements. You should accept that what one human is capable of we are all capable of nobody how noble that person is or how much of a sinner that person is we are all equal under the eyes of God because we are all human end of the day, even extraterrestrials…

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