Happiness Part 2

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Happiness part 2:

Here are some thought provoking things about happiness that I thought others might enjoy.

External events do they contain happiness within it? Is it the travelling to the destination that is what makes us happy? Is it the enjoyment that makes us happy? If it did anyone who experienced that event would be happy, but it’s not so. Also does the happiness last. perhaps it lasts for a few days, but it isn’t true lasting happiness.

Items do they contain happiness? Does the material it’s made from contain the emotion of happiness? Does the way it was made and constructed contain happiness? How long does happiness last when you buy an item? A few days? Therefore, to find happiness you can’t find it in items.

Happiness cannot come from things which are temporary. To find lasting happiness it comes from within yourself. Nobody can make you truly happy, no event, no amount of material possessions can make you truly happy. It comes from within yourself and from an appreciation that nothing temporary can make you happy. As the Buddha himself once put “People are like a hamster on a wheel chasing after happiness endlessly from temporary things”.

To become happy, you first need to really appreciate that nothing external will make you truly happy, no amount of money will make you happy, no amount of friends will make you happy, no amount of drugs or alcohol will make you happy. It comes from within yourself. Equally unhappiness is a choice. You don’t need to be unhappy, its only your reaction to external events that make you unhappy, for example you lose your job, is it the fact that you won’t have any money that makes you unhappy? Is it the fact you won’t see your work colleagues that is what makes you unhappy? Is it the fact that you think you won’t find another job that makes you unhappy? Point being is that there is a point where you make yourself unhappy as a result of something, not the event itself because the event itself doesn’t contain the emotion of unhappiness.

To become happy its important also to be as positive as you can possibly be. Try to see the light in every bad situation and also don’t give way to unhappiness and misery, no matter how disastrous you think it might be. Reject thoughts of it’s a disaster and try to see the reality of the situation, it could just be a blessing in disguise.

So, to sum up. Happiness and unhappiness isn’t contained in external things, there is always a point where you make yourself happy or unhappy at external things. True happiness comes from within and to be happy its important first and foremost to try to be as positive as you can be and also rejecting any emotions of unhappiness and misery or thoughts that it’s a complete disaster, which is something that I have fallen to a number of times but I’m doing my best now to here on out rejecting thoughts that it’s a complete disaster and trying to give way to happiness as best as I can.