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As promised in one of my other article I have written an article on self-love.

Love for yourself is something that many struggle with including myself. There are also degrees of self love you can have for yourself, too much can lead to pushing others away, too little can lead to you destroying yourself which I myself have experienced and has impacted me in a very negative way so please practice self-love so you don’t have to go through what I have gone through.

Really self-love is seeing yourself and feeling love for the person you are. Its removing the idenfication you have of ‘I’ and seeing yourself as just another person of the world. Its seeing your habbits, why you take certain actions and feeling a deep sense of love for the person you are.

Love is something I have not quite understood, but I realised that love can mean different things for people. There doesn’t need to be a reason for love. It is just something that is. Its similar to trying to understand peace. You can only describe the effects of the emotion, you can’t say what it really is.

But there are many ways of expressing self love to yourself. It could be letting go of a friend for your own benefit, it could be having a takeaway each week as something to look forward to. It could be reading a book you found interesting. Point being is its doing things that you enjoy doing. Find ways to express love in ways meaningful to you. Don’t let others decide for you what you should do, be your own person and have self-love in being your own person.

I will end this short article by saying that self love is so important for your own wellbeing. Without it you lose yourself and begin to have self destructive actions which are only a cost to yourself. Please feel free to read my other articles which do tie into self-love as love is a broad emotion and these other emotions somewhat tie into self-love