Virtue Signaling

3 minute read

I thought I would write a short peice on virtue signaling.

One of the things that I think have been causing me to not do as well as I could be doing is due to virtue signaling. I tend to think that God is watching and so will do things that I think that God would want me to do and not things that I think are right in my heart. So I would essentially do things in attempts to impress God, which is very wrong to do because I am not being very real and authentic with myself.

I guess its foolish to do such things because God doesn’t need his subjects to do any such virtue signaling to him or to anyone else for that matter. But God wants all his subjects to be very real with themselves. In terms of doing what they think is right/wrong. But the worst part about it all is that I was very unaware of when I was virtue signaling, I wasn’t very mindful of my own thoughts and actions and mindful of my own intentions, but I guess that the main reason that I did virtue signaling is because I was being boastful towards myself and kinda just hurting myself because I knew that virtue signaling brought dirtiness/death towards the soul because impressing others and God via virtue signaling is wrong and that you don’t even realize when you are virtue signaling and you then allign your actions with what will bring death to the soul, which is not fair or kind on yourself.

The reason that I did this is because I knew that it was dirty to do something like this and brought death to the soul, because I didn’t see myself as an individual of the earth. I didn’t see that like I myself was a person to other people and ignored the positive effects that I have had on the world, which is a means of putting myself down. I had no respect for myself because I kept putting myself down because I wrongly believed that it was the right thing to do, I mainly did it out of worry of being hurt and going through more suffering in my life.

I suppose that the greatest irony about this article is the fact that I still give way to virtue signaling towards God, which is very wrong, but its a flaw that I would like to work on and hopefully remove fully.

Related to this is I feel like the relationship with myself could be a lot better. I feel that everyone should seek to develop a kind and loving relationship with themselves and who they truely are and also be true to themselves, and not do things to impress others but just be themselves, I guesss like related to that is that you shouldn’t seek to give into others expectations of you and not give into who others want you to be in life and not conform to what others want you to believe. But you should hold true to your own morals and beliefs and not worry about the damage that it may cause to others and the world. I also realized that its actually really evil to put someone down especially yourself and others around you.

I also felt that other people were better than me in some way and didn’t see them as people, but didn’t see myself as my own person standing on my own two feet and taking action in terms of what I truely believe is right and wrong. But you know one thing I really have learned on my journey which I think is really important is to believe in yourself and your own abilities, but also to believe in others.

God would also like all his subjects to have absolute faifth in him and God would reward those of whom are faifthful to him and punish those who are harming Gods kingdom by hurting themselves and others.