The Ups and Downs of Knowing of The Great White Brotherhood

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In this article I just want to share some of my own experiences with having a very reliable source of information on a range of different topics. Generally, I consider the fact that I have got this reliable source of information to mean I am more well informed than 99.9% of the human population in the world today and I just want to share in this article some of the ups and downs of having such a reliable source of information.

I am of course talking about a group I’ve known since about 2017 called “The Great White Brotherhood” and before you judge - no they are not a white supremacy group as so many people are quick to claim. I came across this group through a certain YouTube channel called “Bob Sanders” where I found one of his videos on so called “astral projection”. But what really interested me about this channel was the fact that at the time most youtubers and videos were talking about how amazing astral projection was, but yet Bob Sanders was making videos on the dangers of such practices which hence really made me intrigued about this YouTube channel Bob Sanders.

Now this person Bob sanders I later found out actually channelled messages from this group called the Great White Brotherhood. (Channelling is whereby you clear your mind and open a channel for another person to give you information). Of course, at the time I was quite fascinated and they at the time only had one book called “ The Stairway to Freedom” which was entirely channelled from the Great White Brotherhood and is made freely available for anyone to read on their website – and I have also decided to host all of their books on this blog which can be found on the separate page that I have on them on this blog.

I recall trying to read the book back in 2017 but didn’t take much interest and didn’t read it until a few years later. But the reason I bring this group up is because they now have 9 books teaching spiritual truths and have over 320 lessons and have a bunch of videos from Bob sanders who channelled their messages on their website and Bob Sander’s YouTube channel. They have various messages on a number of topics such as aliens, bigfoot, pyramids, mars and its true history, info on the men in black and various other messages.

I have had personal encounters with this group and can attest to their authenticity. I therefore know that the information they give is legitimate truths and I hold them to high esteem on the information they give to the world.

The point I’m making is that I have a very reliable source of various information, and this thereby makes information from other sources weaker. As in, if information from another source doesn’t match up or align with what the Great White Brotherhood say on the topic then generally, I will take what The Great White Brotherhood say on the topic and dismiss what this other source says because from my own personal experiences - I know that the Great White Brotherhood are authentic and reliable.

I don’t really care if 99.9% of the human population completely discredit The Great White Brotherhood and say that channelling is fake or that the person that channelled their messages Bob Sanders was just a deranged person because I know the Great White Brotherhood to be authentic from personal experiences with this group. If 99.9% of the human population doesn’t believe their information - it doesn’t make it any less true. You either believe their information or don’t.

I just also want to add here that Bob sanders who channelled their messages has actually recently passed away in August 2023 and we now no longer have someone to channel the messages from The Great White Brotherhood. But we do still have all the information and messages that they’ve given to us since Bob Sanders started to channel them. We still have the books that they gave us which I hope will be preserved indefinitely and I actually have taken the decision to host all their books on their website. Feel free to check those books out in the page I made on The Great White Brotherhood.

I guess that having such a reliable source of information since 2017 when I discovered this group has been an immense blessing and also somewhat a curse because I’ve become very disillusioned on other sources that say something opposite to The Great White Brotherhood or how I’ve seen friends and family believing something opposite to what TGWB teach and knowing that what my friends and family believe is actually incorrect. Or for example watching shows like ancient aliens and knowing more than the researchers and investigators on the show because I’ve read TGWB’s book on Aliens.

I guess what my main point is, is that having an authentic, reliable source of information on various topics is both a blessing in the sense that I’m more informed than 99.9% of the population in that I know better than what others say on certain topics, but also a curse in that I know when for example a friend speaks of reincarnation, I know that it is just a fantasy and I have to accept that I can’t change my friends position on the subject and that I know his view on it is incorrect and have to live with the knowledge that I know better than my friend and have to accept and be content with the fact that I know his belief is misplaced.

This feeling of knowing more than others in certain subjects and knowing that their beliefs and views are incorrect and not based on truth is a real difficulty and generally I’ve found that it’s better not to mention this group The Great White Brotherhood as that just opens up a whole new avenue for me to be ridiculed and criticised because of how far-fetched the whole idea of The Great White Brotherhood Is and how quick most people are to dismiss their information. In fact, my experience shows that sharing information from this group, most people will generally attack the group and not the information being shared.

But I guess the old saying goes that you “shouldn’t cast pearls before swine” and the information and spiritual wisdom contained in TGWB’s messages is great spiritual truth. But my general advice to people that recognize the truth in their messages is to avoid sharing the group’s messages because you just open yourself up to attack and ridicule. But it brings me great delight in the fact that “the truth is out there” – they have an important message titled “The Future of Man” which I have taken the liberty of sharing on this blog on their page because its an important message for us all. Its also quite interesting to note that the truth is out there, but most people choose to reject it and dismiss it because its so far out of the current wisdoms and information today – but as least the truth is indeed out there for those who seek it out.