Stop Watching the News

2 minute read


The news is something which I think only brainwashes the general public and is propaganda. Try finding an old news article and you will be hard find to find an article from three months ago on their own website and this really is how the news thrives by constantly filling the general public with absolute nonsense in what’s really happening in the world right now, because how reliable really are a bunch of overpaid journalists who don’t really care for the general public and who brainwash the public with false doctrines?

In my view we the people should take a stand in the content that we consume and consume only content which is beneficial for us which certainly isn’t the news which promotes these corrupt and backstabbing leaders we have in power who certainly do not know better than the general public and who don’t really care for each other.

Content which I deem credible and worthy of consumption are independent sources from people with little financial interest who follow God and Christ. The news stations that we have in the world are certainly not following God and certainly not following Christ. Content that is reliable and credible books and articles/research papers on your field or independent blogs from genuine down to earth kinds of people.

The news are corrupt organizations who lead the public astray and brainwash the general public into fear and fear then controls them. Of course, the news follows a formula of control as do the world leaders the formula is Problem, reaction, solution. They create a problem to sell us things which hinder out development as individuals for their own selfish reasons, which is an abomination to the concept of God.

We the people have put up for long enough with this brainwashing, and only until we as individuals begin to stop watching the news and start taking to things like prayer (praying for our leaders especially) and meditation and service to God will we be able to put a stop to this absolute madness that the news television promotes, and our leaders promote.

In conclusion, we the people need to understand that watching the news only bring our own downfall and the downfall of the world because the news doesn’t have our best interests at heart and they don’t portray the world as clearly as they should and we get filtered news and filtered by people who don’t care for us or our wellbeing, but only care about serving their masters who have their own doubtful ends. Therefore, avoiding the news is in my view everyone’s best interests because bad news sells, and it just promotes negativity which reduces the power of God in the world which is the power of love. It also affects your own mental health and we the people should be doing more to stop the news organizations and politicians from getting away with their crimes against the general public.