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In this short article I will be talking about why you should limit the time that you spend on social media platforms. Now in general most people need to admit to themselves that social media doesn’t really bring much benefit to them in their lives. Social media companies have designed algorithms which have been optimized to make the general public stay on social media for as long as possible to maximize their revenue.

Social media in general also promotes a lot of negativity to the world and you have a lot of people doing terrible things on social media such as scamming, extortion, grooming, trolling, promoting hate, promoting racism, promoting gambling and all sorts of really negative things which contribute nothing but harm to our society and to the world.

Social media also has a major impact on people’s mental health and makes people suffer because on Instagram and Snapchat when you always see your friends doing activities with others you feel lacking inside because you yourself are at home watching them enjoying life, so it promotes things like jealousy, hatred and negativity and doesn’t really promote any Christ like things such as peace, love and happiness, which is a shame.

Therefore, the general public should limit the time they spend on social media platforms and ideally seek to remove it all together because it doesn’t help humanity and people’s own mental health which I think should be taken a lot more seriously in our society because social media in general actually promote mental illness by way of their algorithms which doesn’t benefit anyone long term.

Furthermore, social media companies don’t have humanities best interests at heart because they censor certain opinions and ideas which hinder democracy and Governments around the world are complacent in that and its only until we as individuals start to stop using social media or at the very least limit the time in which we spend on these platforms because like I said it promotes things such as jealously and hurts our mental health. We should take to things such as meditation, prayer and service to God because it will lessen the power that evil has in the world and the evil that these social media companies bring to the world.

In conclusion, social media companies affect societies mental health, hurt our democracy, and do a lot of harm to the world and its only until we as individuals stop giving way to the temptation to constantly look at our phones every 5 minutes to look at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube etc that we can begin to lessen the impact of the harm that these social media companies bring to the world. We as individuals should and need to take to things like meditation, prayer, and genuine service to God because it will bring a lot of benefit to the world and will further the power of God on earth. But if you feel that this is too much for you, then at the very least limit the time that you spend on social media, which will help your own mental health and wellbeing.

Update 1: 17/03/22

I also wanted to just add that, I am not telling you or forcing you to stop using social media regardless of the title. Its just I believe that our society needs to consider what they consume on a daily basis because its wrong in my eyes to spend all day on social media mindlessly consuming content. So really its moreso about the content in which you consume which is of importance.

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