Managing Your Time and Energy

4 minute read

In this article I will be talking about managing your own time and energy.

The first thing I should make clear is that you should be mindful of the people that you hang around with. Are these people pushing you down? Or are they helping you get to where you want to be? Some examples of bad people to hang around with are people that push you down in some way for their own benefit, for example this could be making fun of you for you doing something which you enjoy, criticising you constantly for something that doesn’t really matter but yet has the effect of making you feel bad about yourself. The number one reason in my opinion as to why most people are the way they are is because of the people they hang around with. Point being here is that you shouldn’t waste your time and energy hanging around with people who don’t put in time and energy to help you out when you put time and effort into helping them.

Also, I will tell you something which took me some time to realise and appreciate and that is this: People generally dislike seeing someone so joyful, happy, positive and full of energy and so therefore consciously or unconsciously attempt to stop you from being this positive. This will likely come in the form of them attempting to get you to feel negative emotions to overpower your positive emotions. They may make you doubt if you did submit that email to them, make you fearful in some way, or they could be very overt with it and be abusive in some way, i.e. having a go at you for something so small just so they can put you down, or it’s not uncommon for others to attempt to gaslight you, just know that in them doing this they have already lost the battle of good vs evil, and you shouldn’t attempt to change them, they are who they are because they choose to be that person. You should let others be the person they want to be, they will change in time, it’s not your responsibility to attempt to change them. The reason people do this is I feel it’s mainly out of spite, jealousy and control. If someone is so full of positive energy, then other people naturally will be jealous that its them full of positive energy and not themselves. But also control because someone that is very positive and cheerful isn’t easily going to be controlled by things like fear, doubt etc and are therefore harder to control.

Therefore, my advice is to rid yourself of people who have a mentality like this. Or if that isn’t an option then I recommend you limit the amount of time you spend with people like that and when in their presence try to not show your positive energy to them. But also, I would like to say that it isn’t people’s fault why they are like this. When someone is attempting to bring you down emotionally or mentally attempt to recognise that most people do know on some deep level that it is wrong, and try to show them forgiveness and compassion for they know not what they do, in their minds they think that it is the correct thing to do in that situation so pay no attention to their attempts of bringing you down.

First however, you should spend some time thinking about what you actually want to spend your time and energy on, because if you don’t know what you want to spend your time and energy on then how can you correctly manage it? Therefore, you should look at what your priorities are and look at what you actually want to achieve. Do you think that you will be rich if you spend so much time on forums, YouTube, social media, gaming etc? So, look at what you want first, spend some time thinking about it, of course what you want changes as you go through life - that is natural. But you should align your actions with what you want to achieve.

In Conclusion, time and energy is really the only thing we have to offer to the world, therefore we should seek to master how we use these two things. In an ideal world we wouldn’t have so many people wasting their time and energy on trying to bring others down, so many people striving for egotistical pursuits whereby they push others down to achieve their success. Instead we would have more people helping people, whether that be emotionally, providing financial support when needed, helping others with their projects at work, providing advice etc. More people putting more effort in to bettering themselves, through doing things such as reading, meditating, working on their flaws etc. I will end with this, life isn’t easy and certainly hasn’t been for me, expect life to be difficult and hard, but just persevere.

Also, just a little note as an aspiring pentester I do believe in putting this wisdom to the test, so please try it for yourself and see the truth of these words, or if you see some flaws in this feel free to each out to me.