Sloth and Torpor

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Sloth and Torpor is described as an unwholesome state whereby the mind is dulled, and it leads one into a thick and irritable depression. It is one of the 5 hindrances in Buddhism and is I think quite a significant hindrance for following the path.

I have suffered tremendously from Sloth and Torpor and yet I still amaze myself at the accomplishments in life that I have still been able to make, even with being under Sloth and Torpor.

I guess the reason why I have suffered and given way to Sloth and Torpor is due to me having an attachment to incarnation because we progress a lot quicker while incarnate and I just really want to progress towards God and as this blog proves (to myself) I have made considerable progress towards God. I guess my attachment towards progress towards God has caused me tremendous amounts of suffering in my life and its something I need to work on.

The traditional approach to dealing with Sloth and Torpor is to contemplate death more and spend time understanding death because Buddhism sees that Sloth and Torpor is mostly caused by your relationship with death and attachment to death. The sad thing is – is that there is a heaven and life goes on and everyone has their own journey in life they go on.

But you just give up on things and don’t enjoy life as much as you would like to because you are so focussed on death that you miss the present moment and don’t live your life how you would like to and just don’t actually live life and it caused me more suffering than anyone could ever know.

Then I realize that like if I were to die it would free me and I would become the person I was always destined to be. But that isn’t to say I actually want to die because it doesn’t achieve anything. I guess it really plays into this notion of what I think death actually is. I just envision it as nothingness which is a strong delusion and a delusion, I have been under for too long now.

I guess I haven’t entirely been truthful towards myself because there is something which has caused this state of Sloth and Torpor which I don’t actually recall, which is really unfortunate for me because I find myself in a state of Sloth and Torpor and it is related to this traumatic event in my life which was so traumatic, I don’t actually recall it and I am seeking help with this.

Of course I am very new to Buddhism so take what I say with a pinch of salt and there are other resources listed below which may help you understand Buddhism a little better.


Buddhism Plain and Simple by Steve Hagen\

Unhindered: A mindful path through the Five Hindrances by Gill Fronsdal\\