Sexual Frustration

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This one is a touchy subject for me because I have experienced considerable sexual frustration and has manifested itself in very peculiar ways, and much of which I’m not very proud of.

I guess the reason that I haven’t spoken to many woman in my life is due to my relationship with myself mainly, but also due to lack of courage and also that like I feel it will bring me more suffering because I for some reason feel it’s better that you are ‘stronger’ if you are alone and have no partner in your life because then you won’t suffer the loss of them. Which I now see is just extremely foolish of me because love between two people should be a wonderful thing and its incredibly selfish because I can bring great joy to another and was choosing not to because of this.

I feel like with the pandemic some people are feeling incredibly sexually frustrated because of how lockdowns are making it harder and harder to meet and greet new people and things like bars and restaurants are becoming more discriminated against because you need to show vaccine certificates and tack and trace depending on where you are in the world.

But I feel like if you meet a certain partner who you can relate to and enjoy then you should bond and have a relationship, rather than being separated because you will feel a lot happier together and won’t feel as lost as most people who are single feel.

You also feel a deep sense of lacking within yourself as you feel your heart mourne for someone else and company with another. Sometimes you can express your sexual frustration through dream sleep, but it’s important to not beat yourself up too much about having sex with people through dreams sleep because it’s a natural and healthy thing for people to do, but just seek to not break one of the ten commandments thou shall not commit adultery because it’s wrong to have sex with family members even if it is through dream sleep because it’s unfair and unhealthy because it is harmful to family life.

The technique to meet your new partner which I read from The Great White Brotherhood’s book the Stairway to Freedom (and a link to their website and free books are in my about page) is to sit quietly and tell God that you are ready to receive your perfect partner and thank him for sending you your perfect partner. It may take a number of weeks/months/years even to mee this person, but God’s angels will ensure that you two meet each other.

I also wanted to add that you need to be willing to change with regard to meeting your perfect partner because a lot of people have flaws which will undermine the wonderful and beautiful relationship that they wish to have together.

You should also not beat yourself too much in the ways that you express your sexual frustration, there is no shame in how you express it. But seek to channel your sexual frustration into desire to change that sexual frustration and find a woman/man in your life, seek to go to places like parks, to bars, to nightclubs, to restaurants, to societies, weddings etc and just seek to put yourself out there is my general advice.

Lastly, I just wanted to add that I really lack affection a lot and have suffered tremendously from a lack of affection and that is mainly due to feeling the need to be ‘strong’ and is due to toxic masculinity which I feel our society doesn’t address enough because I still suffer from a lack of affection towards others and struggle to receive affection.

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