Serving Others

2 minute read

In this article I will be discussing why its so important for each and every individual to find some means of serving others whether that be through a job, volunteering in some way or donating to others.

The first thing that needs to be understood is that we all are all God pretending not to be, so when we serve others, we are really serving the God made manifest in man which is in that person and so thereby serving God. Also, in serving others we attract to us God’s angels, guides and helpers who are always looking out for people who serve others, meditate, and pray and will help us to help others and pull the strings so to speak so that we are better able to serve others and they will help us so long as we are sincere in our purpose of serving others and helping others.

In serving God made manifest in man it also allows us to reduce the power of our personality, which can have many flaws and so can cause you to fumble. Therefore, the solution generally is to serve others while also when identifying a personality flaw to send out a prayer for that flaw to be rectified, so that the personality flaw is snuffed out and that you can progress that much further towards God and progress in spirituality.

Its also important to find work meaningful to you and spend some time considering the best way in which you can serve your fellow man. Something like the army may not be the most peaceful means of service, but if it is something which you are drawn to then you shouldn’t deny this experience for yourself because you gain experience in any work that you do.

Furthermore, I encourage all who read this article to take up some means of volunteering, this could be going to your local supermarket and donating to the food bank there, it could be donating your books/clothes to a local charity shop, it could be helping your family move their furniture around the house etc. I also strongly encourage all to help others on social media who are feeling down and lonely. There are a few subreddits which you can seek to help others in such as:\

Which are filled with people looking for help from others who clearly don’t have it as good as the rest of us.

I also recommend that you donate to a charity because if you read my article on giving to others you would know that when you give to others in some way a call is sent out to return whatever it is you gave, so when you give money away so long as you have adequate faith that God will return to you your money – he will. However, its not as simple as that because you need to get that money back somehow so it may take some time for all that money to be fully returned to you, but this doesn’t mean spend all your money on charity. It simply means that the money which you give will be returned to you eventually.