Right Mindfulness

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In this article I will talk a little bit about Right Mindfulness which is something which really does bring you out of suffering and is something which would say I have mastered. Right mindfulness should first come in recognizing that you are not your mind, which so many people in our society seem to believe that they are their minds, this is just untrue. We also have a society in which the monkey minds as Buddhists put it so eloquently in that our minds are on autopilot and often people don’t have much control over their minds because there are so many people who don’t bother to take up things like meditation which help them to come out of their monkey mind.

Another key aspect of mastering right mindfulness is you need to meditate because its only after much meditation that you are able to stop allowing your mind to run rampant or lessen the impact of the monkey mind. Feel free to give my article on meditation on the way in which I have been meditating for about 4 years now which you can find on this blog. It took me a long time of meditation to actually achieve right mindfulness, so please don’t be deterred if you are not able to achieve right mindfulness in a few weeks of meditation – it takes a long time in meditation to recognize why listening to our minds all the time cause suffering and a long time in meditation to be able to not allow your monkey mind to dominate your life as I have seen so many people have in their lives – which is unfortunate.

So, my general advice would be to spend more time contemplating on the noble four truths because the noble four truths are indeed the means out of suffering and everyone would do well in recognizing the great wisdoms that the Buddha has sent to us on earth. Which is a big promise that you can end your suffering, but it is true and has proven very true in my life. But of course, I am still learning and have a long way to go as do we all.

Right mindfulness also goes hand in hand with right concentration because you are able to concentrate that much better when you are able to be mindful and vice versa.

In conclusion, I believe that right mindfulness is a very important part of the eightfold path and everyone that reads this should seek to meditate and contemplate a lot more on the noble four truths because they are indeed universal wisdoms that the Buddha has blessed us with on this earth and we would do well to adhere to his teachings because his teachings were a great blessing to us on this earth. I will soon be writing an article on misconceptions that people have on Buddhism to clear up some things which I feel we as a society has greatly misunderstood Buddhism and I feel that is partly due to how its taught in schools and how the media portrays it and how there is great emphasis on monks and the clothing used and how they shave their hair etc.

Of course I am very new to Buddhism so take what I say with a pinch of salt and there are other resources listed below which may help you understand Buddhism a little better.




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