Right Intention

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Now I believe that right intention is one of the more important parts of the eightfold path because if you don’t have right intention then all else fails in terms of freeing yourself from suffering.

Right intention begins by becoming more mindful of your intentions and so I believe that right mindfulness is linked heavily to right intentions.

To me I oft take my own interpretation in Buddhism which is why I enjoy it so much because it’s very flexible and I don’t think it’s a religion but more of a way of living. To me right intention is about bringing others up/helping people in some way because I recognize that all is one and so to hurt/harm anything is harming yourself. It’s also about not letting yourself down and doing things which are in your best interest.

It’s also about meaning because meaning comes from helping others and serving others and not just thinking for yourself as I myself have found out.

For me I have been very selfish with regard to things and avoided others a lot and it has made me very alone in life which has contributed heavily to my own downfall in my life.

But seek to practice right intention in your life because life should be about helping others to the best of your ability and for me God sees everyone’s struggles and understands how difficult it can be for people, but my advice would be to persevere and see it through and just have faith in God that he will get you through rough times because faifth is what gives us strength.

Right intention is also about not giving way to thoughts of ill will or harming others (which for me has been a hindrance in my life and is one of the five hindrances) because your own thoughts are very important in defining who you are and what your actions are. Therefore, if you know that you give way to unwholesome thoughts seek refuge in prayer.

Lastly, don’t just read these words blindly and practice here what I have said today because you are able to change yourself through these very wise words and thereby change the world for the betterment of mankind and when you help others and work for others then by the law of mutual attraction which I have an article on The Law Mutual Attraction you will attract towards you people/guides/angels who will work with you to help you.

Of course I am very new to Buddhism so take what I say with a pinch of salt and there are other resources listed below which may help you understand Buddhism a little better.


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