Right Action

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Updated 08/05/22

In this short article I will be talking about Right action. Right action is the 4th element of the eightfold path. Right action first begins by understanding why not having right action lead to suffering. This is key to actually being able to incorporate right action as part of yourself.

I will also just mean a little by what I mean by “right”. Right to me means have the give way to that element at the right moment in time and in the right circumstances which doesn’t bring suffering to you.

To give way to right action means that your actions cause you no suffering at all. I also just want to define action, by action its the things which you do which have consequence and impact in some way. An example is drinking - this is an action.

What should also be understood is how not having right action lead to suffering and I link the idea of right action to control because those that haven’t mastered right action are not in control of the suffering which their actions bring to themselves.

Right action is to act in harmony and unity with life and to not have divisive and contentious actions towards life.

To master right action it takes meditation, contemplation and mindfulness on your actions and how your actions causes you suffering in your life.