Real Spirituality

2 minute read

In this article I wanted to spend some time discussing what so called real spirituality is.

To first understand what real spirituality is, you first need to understand that we all go on our own journeys. Each journey is different and each journey all has the same end. But the journey is unique to you.

Real spirituality isn’t about others, as selfish as this may sound it is about yourself.

What this means is that its about working on yourself and becoming the bestest version of yourself and it doesn’t mean that you ignore others, far from it, because when you work on yourself, you thereby set an example, but also in working on yourself it allows you to help others that much more.

I also just want to say that fake spirituality need be defined here and I do have an article on this which may clarify this point. But essentially fake spirituality is whereby you are just not being true to yourself and are just a phonie.

But for their to be fake spirituality, you first need to see what real spirituality looks like and vice versa.

You need to work on yourself and when you are ready you help others whom you are able to help. My mantra generally these days is I intend to help others by helping myself and this helps me when I am feeling down, but the no.1 person you should be trying to impress with anything is yourself… Not your friends, your neighbours or your family, but yourself, although it isn’t wrong to want to impress others….

When I am able to I will post this article as I wrote it on my phone 15/07/22 and will get around to posting it, but due to unforeseen circumstances I am in hospital and so not able to post it right now.

But in conclusion, seek to better yourself, but don’t push yourself to the limit, we all have our own limits, even me. Learn to take spirituality in strides and just be patient. I learned that persistence is key to growth. I respect the man who is spends 10 minutes learning a skill a day for a year than the man who spends 3 months learning that skill, because it shows his determination to succeed - of course this is generic numbers, but I’m sure you get the idea…

Therefore seek to meditate and pray as consistently in your own time as you can and seek to take breaks, as this is really my own downfall and my own curiosity does off time get in my own way a lot of the time… But seek to take breaks as and when you are able to and don’t be mean on yourself if after several years you still haven’t achieved what you set out to achieve - The value is in the journey, not in the end result…

As a side note I’ve been doing some art and this has been helping me and colouring in.

I also wanted to mention that I saught depth to myself, which I do not recommend anyone do because it just leads to a mess with things in your life and I’m learning to lessen the depth to me, but I recognize it will be a struggle for a short period, and I will become better…