Pray for your enemies

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Let me first start by saying that there are always two forces at place in life. The forces that work for good and the forces that work for bad or evil. Now the forces that work for bad or evil are the forces that we should pray for because they have succumb to evil and are actively working to bring harm and mayhem throughout the world, these are people that hold positions of power as these positions allows them to harm as many people as possible, so these evil people hold positions as bankers, politicians, religious leaders, trade unionists, business leaders, people that work in Government such as civil servants, education leaders etc. It is our job as good people to send the power of God to these people through the act of prayer. I also wanted to just note that those who are not spiritually awake generally tend to work for the forces of evil as they are asleep in a spiritual sense. You either work for the forces of evil, or you work for the forces of good in the world. There is no in-between.

The technique that I use to pray for bad/evil people is to visualize the harm they are causing the world and pray to God in simple language or express the prayer via thought for them to be helped for their benefit and for the world’s benefit. There are no ill thoughts when praying for bad/evil people because to do so would act for the forces of evil. When we pray for them we do so for their benefit and for the world’s benefit. If by result of pray they lose their power and are seen for who they truly are then so it. Short term ramifications for them may be seen as bad by them and they may despise you for some time, but it would be for their own benefit.

I also wanted to share the story of the Bible of David and Goliath and the hidden meaning behind this story because it relates to this. The story goes that two armies oppose each other on a battlefield, the Philistines are the bad guys, while the Israelites are the good guys. The Philistines have a giant on their side called Goliath who terrifies the Israelites. So, the king of Israel asks a shepherd named David to help the situation. David puts a stone in his sling and throws it at Goliath, the stone finds a chink in Goliath’s Armour and kills him. The Israelites are then victorious.

The Philistines are actually the people around us that try to destroy our happiness and peace in order to profit for themselves such as bankers, politicians, business leaders, religious leaders etc and so Goliath is the embodiment of those bad vibrations within these kinds of people. The Israelites represent all ordinary good-hearted people. In the story the king of Israel is actually God. David represents you and me - just ordinary people. So, David speaks to the King Saul (this means that we meditate and pray to connect with God). Through prayer and meditation, we are given the arm, the power of God. The stone that David projects towards Goliath implies that we pray for our enemies and through that act we direct the mighty force for good which is God towards those who would harm reducing the evil people’s power to harm us.

The story of David and Goliath simply means that through our connection with God, we are able to, by the act of prayer and meditation and service to our fellow man render powerless those evil people that would harm us. In doing this we work to reduce the evil in the world and help to make the world a better place, more beautiful place. It was the aim of Jesus to bring light into the world and to make the world a better place and so it should be the aim of everyone that reads this to make the world a better place.

Therefore, it’s important that each and every one of us begins to pray for our world leaders, the bankers, the politicians, the business leaders, the religious leaders, trade union leaders etc. So that we can reduce their evil on the world and help to bring about a better world for humanity.

Lastly I did just want to make clear that God answers all prayers in his own time and you can refer to the parable of the persistent widow which is a really nice metaphor for God answering prayers. In short a widow asks a judge for justice day and night for justice and the judge didn’t really care of God, but because she persisted the judge gave way and gave justice to her husband. Which when applied to God who is a loving and caring God who cares for everyone of his subjects, if a judge that doesn’t care about God grants justice because of persistence then God will also because God loves us all and cares for us each individually and we would do well to put efforts to be more loving and caring and would be furthering the power of God on earth.