Pray For Our World Leaders

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Pray for our world leaders:

I wanted to write this short peice on praying for out world leaders. Politics is a very dog eat dog game and most politicians generally have their egos driving them most of the time as do most people who haven’t taken the time to develop meditation and prayer and so lessen the power of their egos and have it be replaced with spiritual power.

But I guess that this article is meant to just talk about why its so important for us on earth to pray for our world leaders. Our world leaders have a lot of influence and control over the world and a lot of them as sad as it is to say are in it for themselves because this is the nature of politics, hence why its important for those on the spiritual path to use their spirituality to combat the ill will nature of those who are leading us and whom have a lot of power and influence through things such as prayer. Although that’s not to say that all our world leaders are bad, there are some good people in politics.

It is important however for you to “take the saw dust out of your own eyes” first before praying for the good of others. The rewards are big for those who consistently pray and when you pray seek to do so for the good of the person that you are praying for with no ill will or malice for the person you are praying for, but purely for their benefit and the benefit of the world. But it is important for you to always pray in secret, so that God who sees in secret rewards openly.

Those who are on the spiritual path should also do so in secret because those who live by the illusions of the world don’t take kindly to someone standing in the light.

Lastly, seek to pray for our world leaders in your own way and in your own time because they have a lot of power and influence over the world and many of them are not spiritually minded as to work for the benefit of man and so it is on us, those who are more spiritual to pray for them and help bring them one step closer to God. But seek to pray consistently, because earth is very much like a garden and it needs the help of the gardeners (those who work for good, through things such as prayer) to combat the destructive forces that seek to undermine the garden. The more people that pray for the good of the world, the more gardeners we have ensuring that the garden (earth) remains beautiful and lovely.