Linking With the God Spirit

2 minute read

In this article I will talk a little bit about linking with the I AM as Jesus described it or the God spirit within us all. Now this God spirit can be linked with by anyone – but generally most people in the world have what is known as the ID which is the person that looks back at us in the mirror – the ID and is a fairly basic part of us.

But for those who with spirituality developed are able to make a connection to their God spirit and the information coming from them would be very wise indeed and they would be complete in that the information coming from their mind is information which the God spirit is sending through to them.

The way that I was able to link with my God spirit at a young age (late teenage years) was by being a lot more present and I was as I described being self-aware of being self-aware of being self-aware infinity and it felt really amazing – I was a lot more happier than I had been in my life and was receiving cosmic wisdom and still am to this very day, one basic example was that I realized that “happiness comes from within”.

You can link with the God spirit by living more in the present moment, which is a valid way to do so, but you can also link to it through years of meditation/prayer/service to others. I guess the thing that really made me realize why living in the now was so important was because I realized at the time through all my philosophical thinking that you are not able to control your actions/thoughts in the past, or the future. You are only able to control your thoughts/actions right here in the now moment or the present moment as I referred to it as.

However, my ability to enter the present moment has been severely cut off due to a severe trauma that I had gone through in my life, and so thereby my ability to make a link with my God spirit has been weakened. But to some degree this has made me the person that I am to this very day, and I do have split personality disorder.

But my advice to all who read this article, is to practice meditation, prayer and service to others and then and only then are you able to link with your God spirit and the information coming through to you would be wise and you would be a lot more spiritual and be able to one day perform similar if not the same miracles as people such as Jesus and other various people who have existed across time, and you will be blessed for eternity in performing miracles for the good of others and proving to others that Gods power which is indeed infinite is real and is a reality. I also just want to add that the idea that Jesus has to be involved with miracles is a fabrication - Jesus was a special person, but that is only because he spend many years in heaven receiving training so that when he came to earth he was ready to help mankind in their long journey, so when people say that Jesus needs to be involved when a miracle is performed - its a lie because Jesus is human and what one human is capable of - all are capable of.