Learning French 2023.04.30

1 minute read

So I haven’t finished reading any books this week because I’ve decided that I’m going to spend some time learning the French language.

My current technique for learning French is inspired by this post [1] So I’m currently learning French through Pimsleur and there are 150 lessons each at 30 minutes each, which is going to take 75 hours to complete. However I am replaying each lesson twice so that I can become a little more confortable with the language and so its going to take me 150 hours instead of the 75 hours to compelete Pimsleur.

I have also bought “Assimil French Course Pack USB (book + 1 USB Keys ((2492 MP3 sound files) – New Edition 2020” which is arriving this Thursday and I hope to learn reading and writing from this course.

I am also using an app called “AnkiDroid” an using some popular vocabulary decks for French to supplement my learning with Pimsleur at the moment.

On top of that I am buying some short story books in French and intend on reading them when I get the chance to.

I estimate that its going to take about 3 months for me to compelte Pimsleur and that is the aim here. I am currently on lesson 7 as of 30/04/2023 and hope to go through about 45 lessons per month. Which is a lot, especially seeing as how I am replaying each lesson twice.

My hope is by the end of the year I will be at a B2 level in French.

I am also considering adding Michel Thomas to my learning list, but I am content right now with learning with Pimsleur and see hwo far that takes me from there.

[1] https://www.adssx.com/p/how-to-be-fluent-in-6-months