Having Healthy Responses to Difficult Situations

1 minute read

In this short post I will talk a little bit about having healthy responses to difficult situtations

Let me first say that pushing yourself down when there is a difficult situation is not the answer. Giving yourself unnecessary mental suffering for a difficult situation is not the answer. Taking it out on others is not the answer. Not taking the situation as serious to shield yourself from damage is not the answer which is something that I do as I really don’t like see serious things.

Healthy responses lie in attuning yourself to the reality of the situation. What this means is you appreciate that its a difficult situation and you may not get the expected result that you want, as a result don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get the result that you want. We are all human after all. If we got the result that we wanted all the time it would be an easy world to live in. Also accept that one person’s difficult situation is different to another person’s difficult situation. We are all different, what’s easy for one may be difficult for another.

You should try your best nontheless and just appreciate that its a difficult situation. Also don’t avoid difficult situations and don’t accept defeat so easily, you may do a lot better than you anticipated, see it as a learning experience. To grow its implied that we will need to be faced with difficult situations, so see them as a blessing not as a punishment.

Push forward in the face of difficulty and you will achieve greateness